How to Use OneNote Effectively

Jan 4, 2021 ยท 8 minute read

OneNote is a digital notebook designed to collect, categorize, and share data.

OneNote was first introduced in 2003 in a separate version of the Office package by Microsoft. After that, Microsoft decided to include a new version of the program in the Office 2007. Since then, OneNote has become an integral part of Office, which with its updates gives new features to its users and fans every time.

OneNote is probably the best app you have ever seen for categorizing information and data. As you know, normally you have to manually open folders or separate folders to categorize your data, both text, audio and video But in OneNote, this feature exists by default; This means that your data is stored in the form of nested folders and files within them, so that it can be said that it has the ability to classify and store data indefinitely.

OneNote is mostly used for taking notes on daily tasks. Of course, this app provides a lot of features to the user and meets all the needs of users, but Microsoft is always releasing new updates for the app, which will improve it further. , Microsoft has now introduced the Send to OneNote application to the store, which is used for the OneNote application.

Many of you may want to easily convert your content to Notepad and PDF when browsing the web or when working with PowerPoint or Word. This is where the new Send to OneNote app comes to help you.

To work with the program, it is enough to use the Share option when browsing the web or working with PowerPoint and Word programs, to select Send to OneNote in the next part of the program, and the file will be automatically saved in OneNote.

To edit the text, all you have to do is enter the OneNote program and select the saved file, and in the opened page, edit the font color, font size, or other available items and features.

It may have happened to you that you have a workload, or you have several projects or you are doing research and you write your information and actions in a notebook. Now if you want to go to a seminar or a meeting and remember your notebook Take it with you and have trouble recording information. OneNote is a great solution.

In OneNote, you are free to save your data however you want. Notebook does not mean that you always have to type everything. Instead, you keep your own manuscripts, screenshots, and even audio files in this notebook.

How to type in OneNote

All pages in OneNote are free, and you can click anywhere to start typing. OneNote lets you type your own content anywhere on the page. This app is not designed to produce publishable content. If you want to produce publishable content, it is better to use other Microsoft products.

Your content will be stored in a section called “note container”. These sections allow you to save text, images, audio, video clips, handwriting, and even sections of the page.

By clicking on any part of the content, the design of the container will be determined. You can now resize it.

how to type in onenote

How to Print OneNote Without Cutting off

After gathering information and organizing the contents of the OneNote notebook, it is time to format the pages. Page formatting is used to display input data and prepare print versions. After gathering information from research and organizing information, you may intend to make a hard copy of it for presenting or archiving. Of course, transferring this information to Word software and formatting the content in that software for printing is inefficient. If you want to print a notebook, OneNote software cannot detect page splits. The reason for this is the nature of the pervasive typing of this program. Some independent text lines may also split into two pages during printing.

As mentioned earlier, OneNote is not a word processor. If you need to print your notes, the best solution is to go to File> Print> Print Preview to check the print preview of the notes.

You can enter information indefinitely in OneNote pages, so before printing we have to format the pages. To do this:

  1. Go to the View tab and in the Page Setup tool group, we have an option for formatting pages.

  2. Before selecting this option, we select all the pages in this section. To do this, while holding down the Shift key, click on the last page in this section. You can see that all the pages have been selected. In this case, the formatting changes applied to one page will be applied to all of these pages.

  3. Click on Paper Size. The Page Settings panel appears on the right. You can select the size of your paper among the page size options; you can only adjust the page size and page orientation.

  4. Open the Size drop-down menu to change the paper size. List the standard paper types in this drop-down menu. You can select A4 paper size for this booklet.

how to set paper size in onenote

  1. You can see that the OneNote tab has changed and the content is displayed on an A4 page. Content that is out of the page will not be seen in the print version. So we change the content layout so that it is displayed on the screen. We go to another page. You can see that the content on this page is also out of print. We adjust them according to the page.

  2. Other page formatting options are also enabled in the Paper Size panel. OneNote pages can be oriented vertically or horizontally. Note that the direction of the pages, in addition to the display method in the software, also affects the print output.

How to Rotate Printout in OneNote

To adjust the page orientation, click on the Orientation drop-down menu. We use Portrait for vertical printing and Landscape for horizontal printing.

how to rotate pages in onenote

For example, change the page orientation to Landscape. You will see a horizontal navigation bar at the bottom of the page. Zoom out the page a bit to see the effect of this option. Again, from the Orientation drop-down menu, select Portrait vertically.

You can also create a custom page. Just enter the size of the page you want in inches in the Width and Height boxes.

In the list of options in the Print Margins section, we can adjust the margins on all four sides of the page. To adjust the top, bottom, left and right margins of the page in these boxes, you should type the desired sizes in inches.

How to Change the Unit of Measurment in OneNote

You should also know that it is possible to change the unit of measurement in OneNote. To do this,

1- Go to the File tab and select Option. The OneNote options configuration window opens.

2- In the list on the left, go to the Advanced part. Scroll through this page to get to the other section.

change unit of measurment in onenote

3- Open the Measurement Units drop-down menu to change the unit of measurement. And in this list, we select the centimeter. Click OK to save the changes. You can see that all sizes change to centimeters.

How to Customize Print Versions

You can also customize your print versions.

  1. Go to the File tab and click on print.

  2. Click Print Preview to view the print preview.

  3. In the dialog box that you have, you can change the print settings.

change print setting onenote

The Print Range drop-down menu is used to specify the print range. Selecting Page Group will print all the pages in this tutorial. Selecting Current Page will only print this page. By selecting Current Section, all pages of this section will be printed.

In the Paper Size box and Orientation section, you can change the paper size and page orientation. In the Footer drop-down menu, you can also number or name pages in the footer. If this tick is enabled, page numbering will start from one. And if you disable this option, OneNote calculates the page number in the notebook and inserts it in the footer.

These arrows are also for browsing the pages of the print version. You can see that the next pages are displayed by clicking the right arrow and the previous pages by clicking the left arrow. To print a page, first click on Print. In this page, select the desired printer and click on Print to prepare the print version.

how to set the printer in onenote

The October update of OneNote software in Windows 10 allows all users of this operating system to print all the documents stored in this application in one place. Microsoft has made changes to its digital notebook application that allows users to access all of their documents and notes digitally.

The new OneNote option allows users to select one or more specific Notebooks and send them to the printer in full and in one place for printing. Users can also use this feature to select only part of a notebook and make a hard copy and paper version of it. The new Microsoft update also adds more improvements.