How to Update OneNote

Dec 26, 2020 · 3 minute read

Each year software companies present a new update for their software and apps and boost their facilities for their customers. OneNote like other software presents new facilities in its upgrade versions like print anything in OneNote, Enter meeting and chat information, restore close pages, multipage selection, and…

In this article, we are going to explain how to update your OneNote software on your computer.

How to Update OneNote

You need to keep your OneNote software up to date to use your OneNote effectively. The Microsoft team presents new updates for OneNote regularly to ensure that your software is without any bug and to fix the probable deficiencies. To get the latest version of the OneNote app you should follow some simple steps. By Microsoft organizational platforms you can do your best in your assignments or projects, but you should update your app periodically. If your OneNote software is up to date, then the security patches will be right and your software will be in a safe mode. You can also take advantage of the updated software, as it has received all the new features.

Microsoft presents many updates for OneNote and other applications, making OneNote one of the most complete software in the Windows 10 Store. Now, a new update has been released for this program, which upgrades the version of the program and offers many new features.

List of new OneNote features:

• Print anything in OneNote: Send any kind of file from your computer to OneNote using the “Send to OneNote” feature.

• Enter meeting and chat information: This feature is enabled by going to Insert tab and selecting Meeting Details and then select Outlook meeting.

• Old page: Using this feature, you can restore closed pages, to use this feature, right-click on the page and select “Page Versions”.

• Multi-page selection: Use the Ctrl + Click or Shift + Click combination to select a page and move, delete or copy it.

• Quickly copy or crop pages: Right-click on the page and use the crop or copy options to quickly paste them into the pages.

• Check misspellings in other languages: If you wrote a note in other languages, you can now use the misspelling option for it, select the text to do it, right-click on it and select Set Language Tap.

• Random undo correction: If you accidentally used the undo option and wanted to go back to the previous location, this is now very easy. As if nothing had happened at all.

Update OneNote Software Process

Here are the simple steps that help you to update your OneNote software through your Microsoft account.

  1. Open the software on your pc and enter your Microsoft account. If you haven’t signed in already.

  2. You can see your email address on the top right corner of your software. Then click on your name.

  3. In the drop-down menu you should click on “Office user info” which is located under your name.

update onenote

  1. Now you can see the options of your software. There is a part on the right side of the page. Click the icon of “Office Updates” and click on “Update Options” and then select “Update Now.”

  2. Then OneNote software checks for the available updates. If there is an available update for your software, it will be downloaded automatically. You can also continue your job in OneNote in the background.

  3. Make sure that you saved your work as you need to restart the software to get the update.

how to update onenote

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