How to Password Protect a Notebook in OneNote

Dec 19, 2020 ยท 4 minute read

Sometimes you want to protect your file and do not want to allow others to read them, on this occasion creating a password may help you to protect them. here we are going to explain how to create a password for the whole of your document and also protect part of it and also you will learn how to change and delete the password in your OneNote document.

How to Password Protect Private Notes in OneNote?

OneNote software is one of the best software for creating, processing and sharing text files. If you want to share your note with people, security is a very important issue. You can restrict people from accessing certain sections of the notebook; you can use passwords to protect those sections so that only those who know the password can access those sections. You can easily encrypt your notebooks in OneNote software.

Encryption of sections in OneNote means that if you encrypt a file, you will lose your information if you forget the password. So it is highly recommended to choose a code that is difficult to forget. Password protect sections do not show up in notebook searches. Also, encrypted tags are not displayed in the search for tags. So when you are going to search on your notebook or OneNote file, it is better to open all the encrypted parts first.

How to Password Protect a Section in OneNote?

  1. First you need to create the sections that you want to encrypt.

  2. Right-click on the section and select Password Protect this Section.

  3. In the settings that appear on the right side of the page, select the Set Password option.

password protect section in onenote

  1. Enter the password you want to enter in the Password Protection box and then confirm it. Make sure that the passwords you forget are not recoverable at all and you must always remember them.

After setting a password for a section you can lock that section, by default the sections will be locked after 5 minutes. This time can be changed and we will tell you how to do it later. To lock the encryption that you have encrypted, click Lock All in the settings menu that appears to the right of the section. This will lock all sections that are encrypted but not locked. You must lock all the sections at the same time.

lock encrypted sections in onenote

  1. When the sections are locked, a message will be shown. To open locked sections, you must click on this message or press Enter.

unlock encrypted sections in onenote

  1. In the Protected Sections window, enter your password and click OK to open the sections.

You can also change your password. To improve the security of your files, you should change these passwords every so often.

How to Change the Password:

  1. You must first unlock the encrypted section according to the above step. To do this, you must go to the settings menu that opens on the right side of the section.

  2. Select Change Password.

  3. In the message you see, first enter your old password and then your new password twice.

As mentioned, after 5 minutes of encryption on the sections, these sections are locked. You are able to increase or reduce this time.

To change the time you should go to the settings menu on the right side of your section and select Password Options at the end of these settings. You can also access this section by going to the File menu then the Options and finally the advanced option.

  1. To change the time to 5 minutes, you can check the Lock password protected sections after I have not worked in them for the following amount of time and select the time. To lock your section immediately after encryption, you can check the box next to Lock password protected sections as soon as I navigate away from them. You can also temporarily apply encrypted passwords to other programs by checking the Enable add-on programs to access password-protected sections when they are unlocked.

how to change the password time in onenote

  1. After applying your desired settings and clicking ok, you can save your settings. Once logged in and re-entered the program, these settings will be fully applied.

How to Delete the Password of a Section?

If you do not need to encrypt a section and you want to decrypt it, go to the settings that appear on the right side of the section for encryption and select Remove Password. In the message that appears, just enter your previous password and click ok.

how to delete password section in onenote

onenote password