How to Back up OneNote

Dec 16, 2020 · 6 minute read

Sometimes you lost some of your files on your computer because of unwanted occasions like deleting them by mistake or because of your computer problems, so if your files were backed up by you, you can easily recover them.

In this article, we are going to explain, how to delete a notebook in the OneNote program and also you will learn how to create a back up from your file to recover the files which were deleted by mistakes or you lost them because of unwanted occasions, besides that, you will learn some tips and tricks about setting that you should know when you want to back up from your files in OneNote. and at the end, you will learn how to print your files in OneNote, in order to have the paper back up from your files or share your data with your friends and colleagues in this format and how to send your OneNote files into your Email in order to have back up from them on it.

How to Delete a Notebook in OneNote

Sometimes you need to delete your notebooks or part of them in the OneNote program, Follow these steps to delete a notebook:

  1. You must first close the notebook. The shortcut to closing Notepad is to right-click and then click Close this Notebook.

delete notebook onenote

  1. Or click on the Notebook Recycle bin to take your notebook to the recycle bin.

Note: If you want to delete the notebook, go to the folder where you saved it and click Delete.

How to Backup OneNote?

As we mentioned, sometimes you may miss some of your files in the OneNote program because of different reasons but if those files were backed up before you lost them, you have this chance to retrieve your files without any problems.

For getting back up from your files in OneNote, you should follow these steps;

It has probably happened to you that you have deleted a file intentionally or by mistake and need it after a while. The good news is that OneNote software always backs up your files. So you can recover deleted notes in OneNote.

Recover notes which are stored on the computer

If you saved your notebook in your computer hard drive, do the followings:

  1. Click Info on the File tab.

  2. Select the Open Backups option. The backup folder is displayed with the date of their backup.

  3. Open any section you want and recover its contents.

back up onenote

Recover notes which are stored in OneDrive

If you save your notes in OneDrive, you must do the followings:

  1. First sign in to your OneDrive account.

  2. Then go to the History tab.

  3. Click on the Notebook Recycle Bin option.

back up onenote from onedrive

OneNote Storage Settings

We mentioned in the introduction that OneNote saves the changes automatically and you do not need to enter the Save button; There is no Save option at all in the File tab. You can change the default storage path. In this section, we will set the storage and backup options.

  1. First, from the File tab, click Options to open the Software Settings window.

  2. Now go to Save & Backup.

  3. Quick Notes Section is the default OneNote path for storing quick notes.

  4. Backup Folder is the OneNote default path for storing booklets automatically.

  5. Default Notebook Location is the default OneNote path for storing new notebooks.

To change any of the default paths, select it and then click the Modify button; now set a new path.

onenote storage settings

OneNote Backup Settings

To set the time interval for automatic backup:

  1. Check the Automatically backup my notebook at the following time interval option. This option is checked by default. You can open the drop-down list to change the time interval.

  2. Number of backup copies to keep: You can change the number of Backup copies.

  3. Backup change files now: You can backup files that you have changed.

  4. Backup all notebooks now: you can back up all notebooks now.

  5. Click Ok at the end.

Note: After clicking on Ok, a message is displayed: “You must close and reopen OneNote to apply the changes you’ve made.

How to Print From OneNote

Printing from your OneNote files gives you this chance to have a paper copy from your file and have a paper back up from your information and also you can give or send all or part of your notebooks to your friends or colleague in a paper copy.

If you want to print a notebook, OneNote software cannot detect page splits. The reason for this is the method of the pervasive typing of this program. Some independent text lines may also split into two pages during printing.

As mentioned earlier, OneNote is not a word processor. If you need to print your notes, the best solution is to import the notes into Microsoft Word or Notepad and adjust the formatting. To check the print preview of notes, go to File then click on print and finally print preview.

print from onenote

The new version of OneNote, the popular note-taking software for Windows 10 mobile, tablet and PC, has been released seamlessly, and during this update, you can get output from your files in different formats. Your file can be in three forms, a single page, a part, or your entire notebook, and it can be stored in OneNote, Word, PDF and even webpage forms.

Email Notes to Yourself in OneNote

One of the great features of OneNote software is that users can send a copy of their note to their personal email. This new feature, first introduced in Microsoft OneNote 2016, can be helpful in many cases in taking notes and sending them quickly. You are acknowledged that sending notes to custom emails can speed up users' tasks.

 Take pictures of pages and put notes on them in OneNote.

The Screen Clipper tool is a great feature for those who want to save the information they see on websites as a photo. This tool can also be used in Windows and you can easily bring any part of Windows you want under the Screen Clipping option. you can find more information about cropping picture and taking screenshot on your file in how to crop in OneNote page.

To access this tool, you can access it from the ribbon bar (located at the top of OneNote) and from the Insert section. To select the location from which you want to save an image, simply select it with the mouse.

email notes to your onenotes

One of the parts that can be used to access this tool is the OneNote software icon at the bottom, which is located in the bottom bar of Windows. By right-clicking on the icon of this program, you can access this tool as shown below.

screen clipping in onenote

onenote back up