How to Crop a Pdf in OneNote

Dec 11, 2020 ยท 4 minute read

Changing the format of your file to pdf gives you this opportunity to open your file on other devices easily and also the people who receive your notebooks can work with them without any problems. in this article, we are going to explain how to save your OneNote file as a pdf and also if you receive a pdf file from your friends or colleague how to edit and crop them in the OneNote program.

How to Save OneNote as a PDF

1- On the up right side of your OneNote file click on the … command.

2- Click on the Print.

3- Click on the Printer.

4- Choose “Microsoft Print to PDF” option.

5- Choose your desired name and location for your file.

6- Click on the Save key.

how to crop pdf file in onenote

How to Crop a PDF File in OneNote

Another attractive feature of OneNote software is the ability to save a part of an image on your computer screen. The same thing is called a screenshot. This is possible as long as the OneNote software is running on your computer (even in the background). So there is no need to crop images anymore and you can easily add your PDF files to OneNote and use them in your notes. Just press the Windows key and S and Shift (Win + Shift + S) at the same time. The screen will turn gray and you can easily select any part of the screen you want. The image of that section will be immediately transferred to your OneNote software. Such a feature has many uses. But perhaps one of the most important is to record the searches and interesting content that you encounter while browsing the web. Instead of spending a lot of time taking notes or trying to record the link of the content you have found somewhere, OneNote keeps a snapshot of the content for you to review, categorize and read more at the right time. Using this feature, you can use the pages of books that are in PDF format, and with the screen clipping feature, select the box you want, and you do not need to edit or crop the photo anymore.

Moreover, OneNote notebooks can be shared with others. You can let others see your notes and images and also they can edit them at the same time as you. So you and the company’s executives can view and edit the OneNote booklet and let the company’s managers or experts see only the page. There are several ways to share, all of which you can access through the Share option in the File menu. Even if there are mathematical equations in your PDF file that are difficult and time consuming to write, you can easily add them to your notes with screen clipping. Also, if there is a photo in the PDF file that you cannot download, you can add it to your notes using the Screen Clipping option in OneNote.

To crop a part of a PDF file and insert the part in your OneNote notebooks you should follow these steps:

  1. Open your PDF file in the background of your desktop.

  2. Open the OneNote software.

  3. From the Insert tab, click on the Screen Clipping option from the Images section.

  4. A positive sign appears and you can select the part of the PDF file that you want to crop and insert in your OneNote notebooks.

  5. Now you have the picture of your PDF file in your notebooks and you can copy the text from this picture and paste it in your notebooks.

how to crop pdf file in onenote

If you want to know more about this subject we explained how to crop pdf with Acrobat and without acrobat in these pages too.

After you cropped your pdf file if you want to save your file again as a Pdf you can Follow these steps;

onenote crop pdf