How to Crop a Picture

Mar 2, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

Sometimes you want to modify the picture in your PDF file. For that, you should do the following steps;

1- Open your PDF file;

open your pdf file

2-Click on Edit>Edit Text & Images dialoge;

Open edit text images

3-On the right side click on “Edit Text&Images”.

edit text images

4-Click on your picture, after that you can click on crop page on the right side of adobe program.

Select your desired picture

5-Now you can crop your page;

How to crop a picture;

1- If you want to show only part of your picture, drag edge of your picture and move it to eliminate the parts which you want to remove.

retain some part picture

2- you can change the size of your picture, after cropping, by dragging edges of your picture.

change the size of your picture

3- Save your file to retain your new picture in your file.

save as your file

How to remove one part in the picture;

Sometimes you want to remove one section in your picture and retain the other part, in this situation you should do these steps;

  • You should send your picture to editing program picture and modify your picture there. Due to in all PC you can find Paint Microsoft, I chose Paint.

1- Click on the Edit Using…

2- Click on the Microsoft Paint.

export your picture to paint

3- In this program, you can select the section, which you want to remove.

select your picture

4- After selecting your desired section, which you want to remove, click on delete key to eliminate it.


delete your picture

5- Save your File.

save file

6- After that you can return to your PDF file, you can see your modification there.

picture has removed

At the end we can recommand these two pages for editting a pdf ,if you want to crop a pdf without acrobat you can find good information about it in how to crop a pdf with out adobe page and if you want to crop a pdf with acrobat we can recommand how to crop pdf page you can find good information about it on that page.

crop pdf picture