How to Highlight Specific Word in a PDF

Feb 29, 2020 ยท 1 minute read

Sometimes you have a Pdf file with a lot of pages and you want to highlight the specific word in all pages of your file,

1- Click on Tools tab > Protection > Redaction Properties.

redaction properties

2- Here you should change outline colour in Redaction Mark Appearance part to the “No Color”.

In “Fill colour” part, choose your desired colour for the highlighted part and decrease the opacity to less than 50 per cent and click Ok.

outline color

highlight color


3- Click on “search and remove the text”.

search text


4- Here you can specify the word which you want to highlight and then click on the search key.

search your desired text

5- Here you can see the number of your desired word which exist in your file.

search result

6- Click on check all and then, click on “Mark Checked Results for Redaction” key.

mark checked result

7- Click on File and Print command.


8- In Printer click on Adobe PDF and choose All pages to print, and click on the Print key.

print dialoge

9- Here you can specify the location of your file and choose your desired name for your file, and in the “file type” part, keep Pdf for your file and click on save.

save your file as pdf

10- Open your new file, you can see, all your desired words have been highlighted.

open new file

highlight pdf