How to Highlight on a PDF with Microsoft Word

Feb 27, 2020 ยท 1 minute read

If you have Microsoft-word 2013 or later on your computer you can easily highlight your PDF file.

1- Open your Microsoft-word and Click on File;

microsoft word

2- Click on Open and choose your desired PDF file;

open pdf

3- Click on Ok and give permission to Microsoft-word to convert your file to Doc format.

convert pdf word

4- Now you can easily select your desired text and click on the pen to Highlight it.

highlight text

highlighted textd

5- You can easily erase the highlighted part. Select it and after that choose “No colour”, or change colour by selecting the highlighted part and choose your desired colour.

change the colour

delete highlight

change color

6- Click on Save as;

you can change the name of your file in filename tab, choose PDF in “save as type” part.

save your file

choose pdf type

save as your file

7- After that, you can easily open your highlighted file in Adobe-reader or Adobe-acrobat.

open your pdf file

word pdf highlight