How to Write on a PDF

Feb 24, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

If you want to use an online method for writing on a pdf you can follow these steps;

How to Write on PDF online;

There are different websites for writing on pdf. Here we are going to introduce “”.

How to write on PDF on PDFESCAPE Website;

1- Write “” in the address bar of your browser.

pdf escape

2- Click on “Free online” key.

pdfescape free

3- Upload your PDF file to the web.

upload pdf pdfescape

4- Choose your PDF file on your computer.

choose file upload pdfescape

choose file

5- Click on Text key.

text pdfescape

6- Draw a window, after that you can write your text inside the window.

write on pdf

7- you can alter your text by changing size, font, colour and etc.

modify text

8- Save and download your file.

save download text

9- Click on download and save your file in your computer.

download pdf

save your file

How to write on a pdf with Google Drive;

By Google drive, you can modify your PDF file and write on it but you should pay attention by this method, you can only alter the text and you can not transfer the pictures of your pdf file to Google drive.

1- Type In the address bar of your browser “”.

drive google com

2- Sign in, in your Gmail account.

sign in gmail

password gmail

3- In the left side of your window, click on “New”.

google drive page

4- Upload your file.

upload file google drive

choose your file

5- Right-click on your file and open your file with Google Docs.

open file google drive

convert pdf to doc

6- Now you can write on your file.

word document in google drive

7- Go to file> Download> PDF Document, by this command your file will be converted to pdf from doc format.

save your file as pdf

8- Download your PDF file.

download pdf file

9- Now you can find your file in Download folder in your computer.

download folder

10- You can open your PDF file and see your modification.

pdf file

If you have Adobe-Acrobat or Microsoft Word in your computer you can follow How to write on PDF

pdf write