How to Merge Pdf Files For Free

Feb 13, 2020 · 2 minute read

You can use different web pages to merge files if you want to merge a different kind of files into a pdf file, I recommend this web page

filesmerg merg into pdf

In this web, you can combine, a different kind of files, like “Pdf”, “Word”, “Excel”.

1- Choose your destination file, here we chose pdf file as our destination file.

merge online merge into pdf

2- Here you can choose your file from your computer or you can type the address of your file. I am going to add 3 different files, with a different type. excel, word and pdf.

add your file in web merge online

3- When you upload all of your files, click on “merge” key.

add your file in web merge online

4- After the process of merging was finished, click on “download”.

download merge files

5- Open your file and click on print.

print your file

6- Save your file as pdf.

save as pdf

save as pdf file

7- Here you can specify the location of your file in your computer.

save file in your computer

How to Merge Pdf Files Online.

If you want to merge only pdf files, you can use

www pdfmerge com image

NOTE: you can use this site only for merging PDF files.

1- Upload your pdf files and click on “Merge Files” key.

upload your pdf files

2- Download your file.

download your file

3- Print your file and save it as pdf.

click on print

save as pdfs

4- Save your file on your computer.

save file in your computer

In the how to merge pdf files with google drive page, you can see, how to merge pdf file with google drive.

pdf combine