How to Edit a PDF File

Feb 1, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

How to Edit Pdf File

Sometimes we want to add some features like add new texts or annotations, photos and so on in our pdf file. Here, we will explain some of Them.

How to Edit a Pdf with Adobe ;

In Adobe, you can write new text on pdf, adding annotations, edit texts, blackout the texts, highlight and redact texts, watermark texts and embedded font and create fillable pdf, signature, insert image and photo in a pdf file and edit image and so many other things. Here we are going to explain them.

How to Write on Pdf File with Adobe;

1- Open your file in Adobe.

file open dialoge adobe acrobate

2- In the up-right corner, click on the Tools and then in the Content editing bar click on Add Text.

add text adobe acrobate

3- Click your mouse on everywhere you want to add text and write your desired text.

Note: On the Content editing >Format, you can specify your desired font, alter the size and other change that you want.

4- After you write your text click on Esc on your keyboard.

write text change format adobe acrobate

Sometimes you want to change some texts or images in your pdf file, so you need to follow these steps;

How to Edit Pdf with Adobe;

1- Open your file in Adobe.

file open dialoge adobe acrobate

2- On the up-right side, Click on Tools > Content editing bar > Edit text and Images.

change text format adobe acrobate

Or Click on the EDIT tab and click on Edit text and Images.

edit text and image dialoge adobe acrobate

Here, you will see windows around texts and photos on your pdf file, by clicking on them you can modify the texts which place inside them and change the size and colour and other text properties,

On the right side,

In Tools < Content editing bar<Format, you can apply your own adjustments in the text.

change text format adobe acrobate

You can also apply other changes to your photos such as rotate and so on in this place.

change image format adobe acrobate

change image format mirror adobe acrobate

pdf edit