How to Copy a PDF into Word

Jan 1, 0001 ยท 1 minute read

Sometimes you want to add a pdf page to a word document, here we are going to explain it.

How to Add a PDF to Word Document;

By this method, you can only add one pdf page to your word document, if your pdf file has more than one page, only the first page of your pdf file will be transferred.

1- Click on Insert tab;

insert tab

2- Click on Object;

object word

object word insert

3- In “create new” tab click on “Adobe Acrobat Document” and click on “Ok”.

object adobe reader

4- Choose your PDF file.

choose your file

5- Here, you can see the first page of your PDF document was transferred to the Microsoft Word document.

pdf added to word

6- If you want to change the size of your pdf page you can resize it by dragging the edge of the window.

adjust the size

If you want to transfer all PDF pages of your file to your Word Document you can look at How to Transfer PDF to Word page.

word pdf copy