How to Get a PDF into Word

Feb 29, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

There are different ways to convert PDF files to doc format we are going to explain some of them here;

How to Turn a PDF into Word;

The easiest way to change pdf format to doc format is using Microsoft Word program.

If you have Microsoft Word 2013 or later in your computer you can easily change pdf format to the doc by this program.

1- Run Microsoft Word program.

Run microsoft word

2- Click on the File tab and click on Open key there.

Click open word

3- Choose your desired pdf file from your computer.

choose file

4- The program asks you, whether it has permission to change pdf format to doc format, click on ok.

permision change pdf word

5- Now you have your file with doc format, you can change the file as you wish.

turn pdf word

How to Get a PDF into Word by Google Drive;

you can change pdf format to doc format by using Google Drive.

Pay attention by this method you can change only text and if you have images in your pdf file, you can transfer it by the method which we explained in how to copy PDF into word page.

1- In the address bar of your internet browser write “”

google drive address

2- Enter to your Gmail Account;

sign in gmail


3- Click on “New” and then upload your desired file.

google drive page

upload file in google drive

choose your file

upload your file

4- Open your pdf file with Google Doc

open your pdf file with google doc

5- Download your file as Microsoft Word Document.

google doc program

save microsoft word format

6- Click on “Enable Editing " to edit your file, you can change text, write in your file and import images to it, Sometimes your original file has some images, by this method, you should import them again after import your text to Microsoft Word program we explained it in how to copy PDF into word page.

open file in word

edit your file in word

There are online methods to turn pdf to the doc you find them in How to turn a PDF into a Word Doc

word pdf convert