18 Superb Envelope Printing Tips That You Must Consider

Feb 20, 2021 · 15 minute read

Printing an address or the desired text on an envelope may be a problem for many people. Since I had the same difficulty for several years, I researched completely about envelopes and printing on envelopes in the different operating systems and offered my data here in hopes that it will help you as well.

In this article you will find out how to:

  • Make an Envelope at Home

  • Write the address on an envelope

  • How to Print Envelop in windows by

    • Word 2010

    • Word 2019

    • Google Doc

    • Word 365

  • How to Print Envelop in Mac

  • How to Print Envelop in Android

  • How to Print Envelop in iPhone

  • How to Print Envelop in iPad

  • How to Print Envelop online

  • How to Print Multiple Envelopes in word

  • How to Print my address in a large envelope

  • How to Setup Printer for Printing Envelope

  • How to Set up a Printer on the Wireless Network

Make an Envelope at Home

Before we get into the subject of printing the address on the envelope, it is better to look at this issue. Many times, it may not be possible for you to buy the envelope and you need to make an envelope for yourself with the facilities you have at home or , if you plan to design custom envelopes for your company, I suggest you keep these four points in mind:

  • Design a unique envelope to stand out.

The envelope must be better than average to fulfill its marketing potential. larger sizes like #10 can have better results for your brand.

  • Create matching business envelopes to match your letterhead.

  • Use high-quality paper.

Printed business envelopes on premium paper gives a professional impression, so your envelopes and contents won’t be mistaken for junk mail.”

  • Utilize full color printing.

For making an envelope at home you should follow these steps;

How to Write the address on an envelope

After you get acquainted with how to make an envelope at home, let’s get acquainted with the issue of how to write the desired address on the back of our envelope. For this purpose, I want to take a brief look at this.

There is no standard way to write an address on a letter in all countries of the world and each country has its own standard. Here we review the standard of the United States. To view other countries, you can visit the site (https://www.informatica.com/ products / data-quality / data-as-a-service / address-verification / address-formats.html? code = GBR) and see the correct format of your desired country.

There are three sections on the back of each envelope that must be filled correctly:

  • Place of stamp

  • Location of the sender

  • Recipient’s address

Place of the ُStamp:

You should stick your stamp at the top right of each envelope, but knowing which stamps and how many to use can be important.

For a regular 1-ounce letter, it is recommended to use Forever stamps because they will always be usable, regardless of stamp price changes.

Every extra ounce costs 15 cents, so you’ll need to use Additional Ounce stamps. You can also use 2-ounce stamps.

Postcards come with their own stamps that are usually cheaper. so you can use those kinds of stamps for postcards.

Global Forever stamps are used for international addresses, and, just like the Forever stamps, they are valid forever, regardless of price fluctuations.

Square invitations or graduation announcements, may need different stamps, which are called non-machinable stamps. Since these kinds of stamps cannot fit into the machine for automatic processing, their prices are higher than ordinary stamps.

Location of the Sender

Sender’s addresses are important, because if the post office isn’t able to deliver your letter or there was a problem in delivering it, then the post office could return you the letter.

For writing the return address you should follow these steps;

  • Start with your full name.

  • Write your street address on the next line. If you need, it’s okay to use two lines.

  • Follow that line with the city, state and ZIP code of your address.

Recipient’s Address

You should pay attention to having the recipient’s address written according to the format used in that country if the recipient of the letter is abroad.

We are going to explain the formats of recipient address in USA.

  • Name of recipient.

  • (House number)(Street Name)(Street type)(Street Direction)(building)(floor)(Apartment)

  • (Locality Province-Abbreviation)(Postal Code)

  • Country

Here I am going to write 5 different kind of Address for you to understand this part better.

address envelope

Living in Apartment

If the person who received the letter live on the apartment you should add apartment number after the street name:

apartment address envelope


You should write in the street address line

po box address envelope

Attention Line:

If you want to make sure your letter will be received by special person in the company or university, you should write his name above the business name.

envelope address for person in company

Domestic Address

If both the sender and the recipient live in the same country, you don’t need to mention the country name in the letter.

domestic address envelope

Now, I think it is better to have a look at how to print the envelopes after we have learned how to write an address in the back of the envelope correctly, but before that, you may ask yourself what the benefits of printing the envelope are. Here are five I wish to mention:

First, let’s talk about the hidden promotional tool.

Your business envelope can quickly convey a brand’s message, colour, logo, or other information about the company. This will help your brand stand out from the other letters that your target audience receives.

  1. Personalized

You can personalize an envelope to appeal to your business' purpose. Such an envelope can be a new or existing customer, a partner, or a staff member. People are more likely to open a personalized envelope rather than dull white ones and boring marketing material.

  1. Cost-effective

Customer address labeling is a cost-effective marketing tool that enables you to get your message across to your target market. We can target a specific demographic or geographical area by using professionally printed envelopes in a number of colors and sizes.

  1. Targets offline customers

In comparison to the hundreds of electronic advertising messages that you receive every day, personalized envelope printing stands out by being tangible and convenient.

  1. Improves efficiency

Besides promoting your business, you can also use them to improve efficiency. For example, you can easily categorize and spread out your everyday outgoing mail using the color-coded envelope printing, making the task of sending out envelopes much simpler and easier.

Now we’ll figure out how to print our envelopes. I’ll give you 13 different ways to print the envelopes.

How to Print The address on The Envelopes

How to Design an Envelope in Word 2010

You will need to follow these steps to design and then print an envelope:

  1. Go to the Mailing tab

  2. Click on Envelopes.

  3. Click the Envelopes tab.

  4. Type the recipient’s address in the Delivery address or you can click on the booklet icon on the top of the Delivery address box and choose your desired address from Outlook Address Box.

  5. For inserting the Return address you have 3 options;

  • If you do not want to mention the return address on the envelope you can select Omit box.

  • You can insert your address from the Outlook booklet by clicking on the booklet mark on the top of the Return window.

  • You can type your desired address on the Return address.

design an envelop in word

  1. Add to Document button,

By using it your envelope is added to the current document and a preview of your envelope is provided.

  1. If you click Preview or Feed, the Envelope Options window will open, which consists of two tabs: Envelope options and Printing options, as shown below.

set the envelope options in word

Envelope Options

In the envelope Options, you can specify the size of the envelope and the font and location of the return, and the delivery address.

For that you should follow these steps;

Envelope Size

  • In the Envelope Size part you can specify the size of the envelope, click on the arrow and choose your desired envelope size.

Delivery address

  • In the Delivery address part, you can change the font of the text by clicking on the Font key and selecting your desired font.

  • You can also change the margin of the Delivery address by changing the numbers in the From Left and From top sections.

Return Address

  • In the Return address part, you can change the font of the text by clicking on the Font key and selecting your desired font.

  • You can also change the margin of the Return address by changing the numbers in the From Left and From top sections.

Printing options

  • Feed Method

In this part, you can specify the way the envelope is placed in the printer tray.

  • Face up and Facedown

In this part, you can specify how the envelope should open.

Feed from;

you can specify how the envelope is placed in the printer tray.

set printing options in word

  1. Click Ok to return to the Envelopes and Labels window.

  2. In this window, click the Add to Document button to open a page for the envelope.

  • The envelope is ready to print.

If you put an envelope designed with your company logo into the printer, you can have an envelope that features the logo of your company.

How to Print Envelopes in Word 2019

You should follow these steps to add address box in Word 2019;

1- Close any open documents in Word program and open a new document.

close word doc

create new doc word

2- Click on the Mailings tab > Start Mail Merge > Select Envelopes.

envelopes start mail merge mailings tab word

3- Click on the Envelope Options.

  • In the Envelope size section, you can select the size of the envelope.

envelopes size word

  • If you were not able to find the correct size for the envelope, click on Custom Size and select your desired envelope size.

custom size envelopes doc

  • In the Delivery address section, you can choose the location for the delivery address on your envelope.

change delivery location envelope options word

  • In the Return address field, you can change the position of the return address in your envelope.

change return location envelope options word

  • You can also adjust the font, size, style or other characteristics of the text on your envelope.

change font address envelope options word

4- In the Printing Options tab, you can specify how to feed the printer.

feed method printer envelope options word

  • If you want to ignore the changes and return to the setting of the program you can click on Reset key.

5- Click on Ok.

reset envelope options word

6- Click on the Home tab.

Please click on the Paragraph part to see where your envelope’s return and delivery addresses will be located.

paragraph mark home

7- Click on the Mailings tab, then in the “Select Recipients” section, insert the recipient for your envelopes.

recipients list mailings word

8- Specify your desire settings for the recipient list in the Insert Address block dialogue.

  • Check the appearance of delivery addresses in your envelope in the preview part,

If the text which was written in the envelope is not correct, you can click on the Match Field and insert correct data in the field.

After that, you can see the address in the preview part.

  • Click Ok.

you can find more information about this part in the how to insert address block in mail merge page.

insert address block dialoge word

9- Click on the Address Block.

insert address block

9- You can see address block was added on the Delivery address part.

delivery address block

10- Write the address of the sender in the Return Address part.

11- Click on the Preview Result key.

You can see both addresses on the envelope.

return address envelope word

12- For checking delivery addresses, click on the arrow to view all addresses.

preview result word

13- Press the Finish & Merge key.

14- Click on the Print Documents button.

print documents finish merge word

To be sure that everything is alright, you can print one envelope.

current record print envelope word

  • Next, select the All option and print all of the envelopes.

merge printer dialoge word

How to Print Envelopes in Google Doc

1- Open Google doc.

2- Click on the “Add-ons”.

3- Click on the " Get add-ons".

4- For choosing your desired size for your envelope you can follow one of these methods;

  • Write " Set A * Page Size" add-ons on the search tap to find it.

  • Click on the Install, and install it by following the steps which were shown in the picture.

install set a page sizer

  • Click on the Add-ons > Set A * Page Size.

  • Choose your desired size for your envelopes.

page size envelope

Note; If you can not find your desired size you can use “Page Sizer” add-ons for that;

  • Install the Page sizer add-ons.

install page sizer

  • Click on Add-ons.

  • Click on Page Sizer and click on " Set page size…"

  • Write your desired envelope size.

custom page size

5- Specify your desired page orientation for your envelope for that you should follow these steps;

  • Click on Format.

  • Click on Page orientation.

  • Choose your desired orientation.

page orientation

6- Write the Return and Recipient address on your envelope.

7- Click on the Print.

print envelope

8- For changing Margins you can click on Margins> Custom.

Change the margins by dragging them.

custom margin

9- Click on Scale>Custom to change the size of your text as you need.

scale envelope

10- Click on Print.

print google doc

How to Print Envelopes in Word 365

In this part of the article, we intend to introduce you to complete information on how to print an envelope in Word Microsoft 365. You may also have had to print an envelope in Word by now, if you do not know the solution and method join us.

For printing envelope in Word 365 should follow these steps;

  1. Go to Mailings > Envelopes.

  2. Click Options to specify your desired size for your envelopes.

  3. If the shipping address is particularly long or your envelope is a different size, you can change the margins of it by changing the values in “From left & From top” part.

  4. To change the formatting of the delivery and return address fields, press “Font”.

  5. Enter the delivery and return addresses.

  6. Place the blank envelope in the printer tray, allowing the figure in the Feed box.

  7. Select Print.

How to Print Envelopes in Mac

1- Open the Word Program.

2- Click on the Mailing tab.

3- Click on the envelopes.

mailing tab in mac

In the envelope dialogue box, you should insert your desired address

4- For inserting the delivery address;

  • Write the destination address in the delivery box.

  • You can also choose the address of that person from Outlook by clicking on the booklet near the delivery box.

  • For changing the position of the delivery address on the envelope click on the Margin and change its value.

  • For changing the font of the address text you can click on the Font key and then choose your desired font for your text and also you change the size, style, and …

5- Return address

  • Write your address here in the return address box.

  • If you do not want to have the return address in your envelope you can check the Omit box.

  • Due to the name and address of the sender, unlike the rest of the data, the information is constant you can save your address and after that Word will use it automatically if you select " Use my address box".

For that you should follow these steps;

  • Click on the round Office button in the lower-left menu of the screen and click on the Word Options button in the drop-down menu.

  • In the window that opens, on the left, click on the advanced command and scroll down the right field to the General group. There is the Postal address field. We fill it in and save it by clicking OK.

Now the program has memorized the sender’s return address and will automatically indicate it on the envelopes.

  • You can change the font and position of the return address by clicking on the Font and Margin key.

information for envelope

6- Printing Option;

  • Check the " Use setting from your printer" box.

  • Click on the print to see the preview of your envelope and again click on the Print key in the print dialogue box if everything on your envelope was ok.

save envelope in mac

How to Print Multiple Envelopes in Word

For printing multiple envelopes by Microsoft Word program you have 3 different options;

Microsft Word

The first option is using Microsoft word contact list which was created before for that you should follow these steps;

1- Click on the Mailings tab.

2- Click on the Select Recipients.

3- Click on the “Type a New List …”

4- Insert your desired Address in the list and click on the Ok.

5- Save the list on your computer.

6- Click on the “Address Block”, here you can specify your desired style for your Address in the “Specify address elements” section and click on the Ok.

insert address print envelope

7- If you don’t like the Standard style you can follow these steps to create your desired style, for that you should click on the box, which the received address should be written inside it.

8- Click on the Insert Merge Field. insert your desired value by selecting your desired items.

9- Click on the " Preview Result" to see the address on your envelope and if it was ok click on the “Finish & Merge” and then click on the " Print Documents'.

print envelope


The second option is using Excel file, for using your excel file you should follow these steps;

1- Write your contact address in the excel sheet.

2- Click on the Mailings.

3- Click on the Select Recipients.

4- Use the Existing list…

5- Choose the excel file in which you have your address and click on open.

6- Choose the sheet in your excel file in which your address was written on it and click on Ok.

import excel address print envelope

7- Click on the “Insert Merge Field” and insert your desired items in the “received address” box.

8- Click on the " Preview Result" to see the address on your envelope.

9- if the addresses were ok click on the “Finish & Merge” and then click on the " Print Documents'.

insert field excel print envelope


The third option is using outlook to insert your Address from it.

1- Click on the Select Recipients.

2- Click on the " change from outlook contact" and click on Ok.

3- Choose your desired Email to insert your contact from it.

4- Select your desired person and click on Ok.

5- Click on “Insert Merge Field” and choose your desired items for the Address box.

6- Click on the “Finish and Merge”.

7- Click on “Print Documents…” to print your envelopes.

print envelope from outlook

word envelope