How to Create a PDF File

Jan 24, 2020 ยท 4 minute read

Portable documents format or pdf file has manifold merit including :

  • Easy sharing of pdf files between different people

  • High security of files

  • They are simply not editable

  • Enable passwords that make it impossible to edit the file

  • Files are printed in any environment with the same font layout and photos available for computer users.

Here we are going to explain how to create a pdf file.

  • The first method for producing a pdf file is using Adobe Acrobat software.

In this case, you can convert various files, including word, excel, and even pictures to pdf file.

How to Create a PDF File with Adobe Acrobat;

  • Open the program and in the upper left corner choose File menu.

  • Select CREATE icon and then click on PDF FROM FILE.

create pdf file adobe acrobate

  • Select the file you want to convert to pdf from your computer files.

open dialoge adobe acrobate

  • After selecting the file, it opens in the Adobe Acrobat and the file is converted to PDF in this section you can specify the new name and address of that in your computer.

  • Select FILE and click on SAVE AS icon and specify new name and location for it.

save as file adobe acrobate

How to Create a PDF File Without Adobe

There are several ways to create a pdf file, for instance, In Microsoft Office Product, Autocad, Teklastructure and any other program that you can print from its data and files, you can use the following methods:

Method 1;

  • Open the file that you want to convert it to Pdf.

  • Select FILE

word office

Select Print
  • Click on the Print key.

print command word

  • In the printer section, choose Adobe pdf or another pdf printer program which you have on your computer.

print adobe acrobate

  • In the setting part, you can specify which pages in your file should be printed.

print all page word

  • You can also determine that you want to print the data on one side or both side of the paper.

print one side word

You can also specify the orientation of your text on the paper.

orientation print word

Size the paper.

page size print word


margins print dialoge word

and other properties which you need.

page per sheet print dialoge word

collated word

Remember, in the Save as Mode which described in the next step, it is necessary to perform these settings otherwise the pdf file generated may not be produced in the form and quality that you expect.

  • Click on the Print key.

print pdf word document

Method 2:

  • Open the file that you want to convert it to Pdf.

  • Select FILE

info print word

  • Select Save as

  • Choose PDF from “Save as type” field.

save as word file as pdf

  • Click on Option,

save as dialoge box options

Here you can specify your desired properties, such as the number of pages you want to convert to PDF.

option dialoge save as dialoge word

In order to apply more precise settings, you first need to go to print and apply them. It has been described above.

  • In the File name field Type your desired name

  • Click on Save.

save as dialoge word

How to Create a PDF Online

On the Internet, you can find different sites in order to convert your files to PDF, Here we have several web sites which they can help you to do that.

On these sites you should do the following steps:

  1. Upload your desired files, whether text or photos or videos.

  2. The site converts it into a pdf file after uploading it.

  3. Download your files.

  4. Save it to your computer.

How to Create a PDF with Browser

You can create pdf, without internet and any other programs like Adobe Acrobat, Office Microsoft and etc.

If you do not have access to the Internet and other applications related to PDF, you can still produce a PDF file for textual content (without photos):

  • Step 1:

In the Chrome address bar write the text below without quotation mark

"data:text/html, <html contenteditable>"

  • Step 2:

In the blank page write your desire text or you can copy the text you have and paste it to the blank page with CTRL+V.

You can use these comments for writing your text too,

Ctrl+ U=underline
Ctrl+ I=italics
Ctrl+ B=bold
Ctrl+ C=copy
Ctrl+ V=paste
Ctrl+ X=cut
Ctrl+ Z=undo
Ctrl+ Y=redo
Ctrl+ A=select all
Ctrl+ Shift+ Z=paste as plain text
Ctrl+ F=find
Ctrl+ P=print
  • Step 3:

Press Ctrl+P to print your text.

  • Step 4:

Save your file as PDF.

pdf create