How to Redact a Pdf with Adobe

Feb 2, 2020 · 2 minute read

How to Blackout or Redact a Pdf

Imagine you have a file and you want to sent it for one person but before that, you want to filter some data on it. For that, you can use the redact acrobat program feature.

There are two ways to use this feature in the Acrobat program. The first is to manually select the desired text or photo and then use the redact capability of Adobe. In this case, you have to follow these steps;

How to Blackout a Pdf Manually;

1-Open your file in Adobe

2-On the up-left side of your window, click on “View > Tools > Protection”.

tools dialoge protection adobe acrobate

Now in the right hand of your screen, you can see an open bar with a protection title bar.

pdf file view adobe acrobate

3- Under “Blackout and Remove Content”

  • click on redaction properties;

redaction protection adobe acrobate

  • In this window, you can apply your desired properties for the redacted area like the colour of the redaction part and other properties that you want to alter.

redaction tool properties dialoge adobe acrobate

How to Blackout Some Pages Completely;

  • If you want to blackout one page completely from your file, you should click on Mark pages to Redact.

mark pages to redact adobe acrobate

  • Here you can specify, the current page or a range of pages to redact.

mark page range dialoge adobe acrobate

If you want to blackout words or line or you want to search some words or date and so on, you can check out how to blackout some words in pdf page to find out more about it.

pdf redact