4 Awesome Tips to Merge Pdf You Should Know

Feb 4, 2020 · 10 minute read

Sometimes you receive different parts of the pdf file from different people and you need to merge them to create one document from them. In this situation, you may need to know about this issue.

In this article, we are going to explain how to merge pdf files in Windows/Mac with Adobe/Pdfsam/Pdf shaper/Preview/some online methods like Small pdf/Pdf expert/Pdf Mergy in google drive.

How to Merge Pdf Files in Windows

PDFs are one of the files we deal with a lot. Most digital books, long articles above, and instructions that can be found all over the web are PDFs. Therefore, this format is of special importance. So we need to know how to work with such files. Sometimes we need to combine two or more PDF files. There are many ways and programs to combine PDF files. In this article, we want to teach you how to combine PDF files in Windows.

Merging PDF files in Windows

This method uses Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, the best PDF editor. Fortunately, there is a free trial of this software that you can use. Either way, you only want to merge multiple PDF files at once, or you always need to do so. Besides, there are other alternatives.

You should be aware of the PDF format of files. PDF files are a great source of important information that is highlighted on pages in one place, and from there, users or viewers can easily get some kind of information. These files contain several pages that may contain images, text, etc., and while studying or at work, you may have many important items that are in PDF formats such as several notes and other educational items, so you should Think about combining the number of pdf files in one file so that you may not need to open them separately. In this article, I am going to discuss a method by which you can combine and merge several pdf files into one file and you can extract one pdf from it. So follow the complete tutorial below to continue.

Adobe Acrobat Software

There are many ways to merge multiple PDF files into one PDF document. Many websites, like many third-party applications, do this for free (although it is up to you to trust such services, as some contain malware). If you are a macOS user, you do not need to worry about these sites or applications. You have an easy, free tool, most likely you used it when viewing photos on your computer.

If you are a Windows user, you can use one of these third-party programs - do your research carefully to see which one is safe - or use Adobe Acrobat DC to keep it safe. It is specifically designed by Adobe to create, manage and edit PDF files, so you know that it is accurate and efficient for things like converting PDF to Word and of course combining your PDF files into one PDF document.

The Pdf format is made by Adobe. It makes sense to use Adobe Acrobat to edit PDFs. There are advantages to using this option. Adobe editing tools provide the most powerful and easy way to make quick PDF changes. However, due to the current shared model of this program and the locking of most tools (need to pay to access additional features), access to these tools has become more difficult over time.

Steps to do the job

1- Download and install the free trial version of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

adobe acrobat pro dc

2- After installing the software, open it, and click on the Tools tab in the upper left corner.

3- Click the Combine Files button.

add files

4- Click the blue Add Files button and select the PDF documents you want to combine. It should be noted that this method works for all types of files and not just PDFs.

combine files

5- Click the blue (Combine blue button) in the upper right corner to start merging your pdf files.

combine pdf file

6- Your PDFs are now merged into one file. All you have to do is save it to a new location, which you can do by clicking File and then Save As then selecting the name and location for your new file.

How to Combine PDF Files In Windows For Free

Realizing how to combine PDF documents in windows is not as hard as it might seem! In case you’re one of the large numbers of individuals that handle electronic reports as a feature of their everyday outstanding burden, there are numerous methods of joining different PDF records into a solitary PDF archive. What’s more, they’re all lovely simple, and direct to do.

For Windows clients, various sites offer to do such for free, as do some outsider free PDF editors and free PDF tools. A portion of these will either attempt to upsell or more regrettable, convey malware, so it’s helpful to know which ones are genuine. There’s likewise the Adobe Acrobat DC application, explicitly planned by Adobe to make, oversee and alter PDF records. macOS clients, then again, need not stress over these locales or applications, as Apple’s as of now got its own simple - also, free without any hidden obligations - apparatus that you’ve doubtlessly effectively used for different purposes.

In this part, we will tell you the best way to combine PDF documents easily, based on the free windows operating system. So let’s begin!

How to combine pdf files in windows - PDF Shaper Free tool

business programs around to assist you with combining PDF documents. While online free administrations are better and simple to-utilize, not all clients are happy with transferring their secret records to an obscure worker. Moreover, not everything clients can bear the cost of business PDF altering devices.

PDF Shaper Free is a great bit of programming out there to assist you with blending or consolidate PDF records on Windows 10 and prior Windows renditions. Notwithstanding join/combine usefulness, the PDF Shaper Free program permits you to part PDF documents, turning pages, crop pages, remove pages, add watermark to PDF pages, extricate text from PDF record, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. PDF Shaper is likely the best free program out there to deal with your PDF documents.

In this tutorial, we should perceive how to utilize the PDF Shaper Free program to consolidate or blend PDF pages on a PC running Windows 10.

How to combine PDF documents in Windows 10 utilizing PDF Shaper Free

1- Download PDF Shaper Free. Run the arrangement document to get it introduced on your PC.

download pdf shaper

2- Install Pdf shaper.

install pdf shaper

2- Launch PDF Shaper Free. In the left-sheet, click the Content tab to change to the equivalent.

3- Click Merge choice to open the combine section of the PDF Shaper tool.

4- In this step, you have to choose the “Add” button and select the pdf files that you want to be combined into one whole pdf file.

5- Select a PDF file to arrange the added PDF files/pages, and press the Up or Down button. Pick it to open an available PDF file, and press the Preview button.

merge pdf shaper

  • Or click on the Merge command in the left pannel and select your desired pdf files and click on Open.

merge pdf shaper

6- Finally, select the Process icon. Pick a place to save the new combined PDF file when you see the Save As window, and then press the Save button to combine the PDF files. After you have completed the task, a “Done” message will be shown to you, along with the ability to start a new PDF file.


save pdf shaper

approve merge pdf shaper

How to combine pdf files in windows - PDFsam

Rapidly consolidate various PDF records or part of them into a solitary one. PDFsam Basic is free and open-source and deals with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

pdf sam

Download and Install

pdfsam basic

instal pdfsam

A brief guide on the best way to merge PDF documents with PDFsam Basic

pdf sam

1- Select PDF records to consolidate.

  • You can combine PDF documents or part of them. Simply snap the Add button to add documents and the PDF records you need or you can drop and drag them into the box.

  • You can use the Move Up and Move Down or right buttons to organize the records request.

On the off chance that you just need to combine a few pages, double tap on the Page ranges cell and determine the pages or page ranges you need to incorporate.

pdf sam specify page range

2- Specify merging options.

If you check the first option shown in the photo below, PDFsam Basic will add a blank page after each combined PDF whose page number is odd.

Add footer option: if you check this option, PDFsam Basic will add a footer with the name of the record

Standardize page size: by checking the “Normalize page size”, PDFsam Basic will utilize all pages to have a similar width to the main page

Bookmarks: you can keep your pdf bookmarks when merging, using this tool. If you want to keep your bookmarks using this software, just select the “retain bookmarks” option from the drop-down menu.

Table of contents: PDFsam Basic will add a chapter by chapter guide to the start of the subsequent PDF document. If by any means you do not want this table to be generated, simply select the “don’t generate” option.

pdf sam

3- Getting the merged pdf file.

In this step, you should choose the name of the merged pdf file and set a location for it to be saved. If you check the “overwrite if already exists” option, the new merged file will be replaced by the old one that you might have saved on your computer before. There are also some advanced settings that you can use to specify the output file in greater detail.

pdf sam location

4- Merging the pdf files.

When all the alternatives are appropriately set, click Run to begin the execution. If no blunder happens, the advancement bar will develope until it is completely hued and a benevolent ding sound will reveal to you that your merged PDF file is prepared.

pdf sam run

How to Merge Pdf files in Online

Sometimes you need to merge different pdf file in one pdf file, for merging pdf files you can choose different methods, here we are going to explain how to merge pdf file in google drive.

Before we start to merge our files, we need an application to help us to merge our pdf files, I recommend “PDF Mergy” program.

At first, we should install that program in google drive and then we will merge some pdf files together.

How to Install “PDF Mergy” in Our Google Drive;

1- Open your Gmail.

2- Click on “Home” and “Google apps” key.

google account

3- Click on “Drive” key.

google account google drive

4- Click on “New”.

google drive dialoge

5- Click on connect more apps.

google drive connect more apps

6- In this window, you can search your desired application, write “PDF Mergy” in the search tab.

search pdf mergy

7- Install the application.

install pdf mergy

continue install pdf mergy

choose account for pdf mergy install

finish pdf mergy install

How to Merge PDF Files in Google Drive;

1- Run “PDF Mergy” app among your Google Drive apps.

choose pdf mergy from your apps

2- Select your pdf files which you want to merge them.

choose your files to merge

3- Some times google ask you to sign in with your Google account again, enter your desired Gmail and continue.

choose your account to sign in google

allow to sign in

4- Select your pdf files from your computer or from your “Google Drive”.

choose your files to merge

select your files

5- Wait to upload your file, then click on “Merge” key.

merge files

merge files process

6- You can save your file in your computer or “Google Drive”, choose the location which you want the file will be placed.

save your merged file

7- Specify your desired name.

specify name to your file

8- Download your merged file and click on to open.

download your merged file

9- Open your file and click on the print key, here you can save your pdf file to your computer.

In this page, https://howto.inadram.com/posts/how-to-create-a-pdf-file/ on the print section, this subject was explained.

save your file as pdf

pdf combine google drive