How to Write on PDF

Feb 25, 2020 ยท 1 minute read

How to Write on PDF with Adobe-Acrobat-program;

If you have Adobe-Acrobat-program in your computer, you can open your PDF file there and after that, you can go to

Tools>Content Editting>Add text

and after that, you can write on your pdf file.

Adobe Acrobat program

Open dialoge adobe

pdf file in adobe

tools tab adobe

For more information, you can go to How to edit a PDF File page.

If you don’t have Adobe-Acrobat-program, you can follow these steps;

How to write on Pdf with Microsoft Word Program;

If you have Microsoft Word 2013 or later on your computer;

1- Open Microsoft Word Program

open word

2- Open your pdf file.

open your pdf file

3- Alow Microsoft Word to change pdf to doc format.

change pdf to word

4- Write your desired text in Word file and edit your file.

write in your page

5- Click on Save as;

save As your file

6- Change “PDF” in “Save as type” tab.

choose PDF type

7- Save your File.

save your file

For online method, you can go to How to write on a pdf

pdf write