How to Crop PDF File

Mar 3, 2020 ยท 3 minute read

Before we explain how to crop pdf files, it’s better to define some boxes in pdf files which is important to know. we will need these boxes when we “Set page boxes” in crop command.

  • The “Bleed box” should be around 3 to 5 mm larger than the trim box.

  • The “Trim box” defines the dimension of the finished page, this box is more important than “Crop box” because it defines the actual pdf size which will be printed.

  • “Crop box” marked out the limit which will be displayed or printed in the pdf file.

  • the “Art box” indicates the specific area in the page.

you should pay attention, the size of “Trim box” and “Art box” windows could be equal but none of them shouldn’t be larger than “Bleed box”.

If you want to crop pdf pages in adobe, you can do the following steps;

How to Crop Pdf in Adobe;

1-Click on View>Tools>Pages, After that in the right side under “pages” tab, click on “Crop” key.

pages tools dialoge

crop pages button

2-Draw a window around your text to identify the limit of your crop page, by this action, you are removing all the information outside the window and keep the information inside the box.

draw crop windows

3-you can also change the size of this window by changing the margin control numbers in the settings page box.

Note; Before changing the size number of page, be sure “Dropbox” was chosen in “Apply to” tab.

set page crop box

4-If you want to change equally, the size of all sides of the Dropbox window, click on “Constrain proportion” box.

5-In the right side, you can see, the size of the dropped page.

constrain proportion

6-If you want to crop pages automatically, click on “Remove white Margins”.

7-If you want to crop a specific part of the page or only one-page, click on “From” and write the page number.

remove white margin

8-Click on Ok after that you can see the cropped page.

cropped page

9-If you want to retain your first file click on “Save as” and save the new file with a different name.

save as your file

If you want to crop a pdf without acrobat you can find good information about it in how to crop a pdf with out acrobat page.

How to Remove Croped Part in Your Pdf;

If you want to eliminate cropped part you can follow one of these steps;

First Method;

Click on “Revert” key.

eliminate crop setting

Second Method;

Double click on the cropped page then click on “Set zero key” and then click on ok.

delete crop box

If you want to crop picture in adobe we explained it in how to crop a picture and also you can find good information about how to crop a pdf with out adobe page.

pdf crop