How to Highlight on a PDF

Mar 1, 2020 ยท 1 minute read

If you don’t have access to Adobe-Acrobat and you want to highlight your text by online method, I can introduce you, two methods;

How to Highlight PDF Online;

1- Write in the address bar of your browser, “”


2- Click on Free online;

choose free online part

3- Upload your pdf file;

upload your file

4- Choose your desired file from your computer.

choose upload file

choose your desired file

5- Click on the Annotate tab and click on “Highlight”.

annotation highlight

6- Select the lines which you want to highlight them.

highlight your text

7- You can delete highlighted part, select them and click on recycle bin.

delete highlighted part

8- You can also change the colours of the highlighted part. Select them and choose your desired colour.

change color highlighted part

9- Click on save and download key.

save download

10- you can open your file and save it and change the name.

save as pdf

save in your computer

How to Highlight PDF with Google Drive;

1- Write in the address bar of your browser, “”

drive google

2- Click on “New”.

new google drive

3- Upload your File.

upload your file

choose your file

4- Right-Click on your File, and Open your file with Google Docs.

right click

open with google doc

5- Click on pen, you can specify your desired colour and by selecting lines and words you can highlight your file.

click on pen

select line

highlighted part

6- Convert your file to pdf Document;

download as pdf document

7- Download your file and open it by Adobe-Acrobat;

download your file

open your pdf file

highlight pdf