3 Superb Tips to Crop Picture in Pdf Without Acrobat

Mar 8, 2020 ยท 3 minute read

There are different methods for cropping a pdf without Adobe-acrobat here we are going to explain some of them;

If you want to crop only the picture of your pdf file you can do these step;

How to crop a picture in pdf file with Microsoft word;

If you have Microsoft word 2013 program or later in your computer you can easily import your pdf file into Word and crop your file.

1- Open Microsoft Word Program

open word document program

2- Open your PDF File.

choose your file

3- Convert Pdf to word

convert pdf to word

4- Click on Format tab.

format menu

5- Click on your desired picture.

select picture

6- Click on the Crop.

click on crop

7- You can change the edge of your picture by clicking on " crop to shape".

crop in especial shape

8- Change the size of picture by dragging the edge of windows.

crop the picture

9- Click on outside of the windows.

cropped picture

10- You can crop the picture with especial shape.

crop pic in circle

11- If you click on crop and fit key you can see all the picture to a new scale.

fit crop picture

change the scale

If you want to crop the pages in a Word document, you should change the format of your file from pdf to jpeg. after that export your file to your Microsoft Word Document. you can use a website for changing your pdf document to jpeg, here I am going to introduce you “-www.pdf2jpg.net-” website.

How to Crop Pictures in Pdf File Online


1- Go to the pdf2jpg page and upload your file.

upload your file

choose your file

2- Convert PDF to jpg.

convert to jpg

3- Download your file.

download jpg

4- Create a folder and copy your file there and after that extract your file in that folder, this work helps you to find all your jpg files easier.

unzip your file

unziped files

5- Open Word document Program.

open microsoft word

6- Click on the Insert tab.

insert tab pictures

7- Select all jpg files and insert them to your Word document.

select your desired pages

8- Click on Format tab.

format tab

9- Select the pictures and click on Crop key.

crop key

10- You can crop the picture by selecting the edge of the window and drag it to crop the picture.

crop pages

11- You can crop the picture by choosing special shapes. here, I am going to choose the triangle shape.

crop to shape

cropped page

cropped page triangle

12- When cropping the picture is finished you can print your file as a pdf to convert your file to pdf again.



print key

save your file

choose your name

13- Choose your new pdf file and open it. you can see your modifications in your new file.

open pdf file

open your file

How to crop a picture with the Snipping tool;

If you don’t have access to Microsoft Word you can easily use “Snipping Tool” to crop pictures in your computer.

snipping tool

1- Search in your computer “Snipping tool”

new snipping

2- Click on “New” key.

crop your desired picture

3- Crop your desired part.

snippinig save file

4- Save your file.

specify your name save it

5- Open your file.

open your file snipping

6- You can see your cropped picture now.

cropped picture snipping

If you have an Adobe-acrobat program in your computer you can easily crop your file and picture, For more information, you can go to How to crop PDF file page.

pdf crop