OneNote Tips and Tricks

Dec 23, 2020 ยท 9 minute read

In this article, we are going to explain 8 useful tips that you can use to work with the OneNote program more effectively. Here you will learn how to write a Quick note and pin a Quick note to the desktop and take Quick notes with your voice. you also learn how to access the pages of the notebook in OneNote with shortcut keys, besides that you will learn how to link notes together in OneNote and link Microsoft Word to OneNote and you will learn about editing Notes in OneNote and in the end you will learn about setting up OneNote in your mobile device.

How to Write Quick Notes in OneNote

You may have been looking for pieces of paper to write a short note on it but could not find it, and if you can find it, you may lose it. Quick Notes in OneNote software (also known as Side Notes) is your piece of digital paper that, in addition to being available, you will never miss because Microsoft stores it on your One Drive account.

  1. The first method is when the OneNote software is not open.

All you have to do now is press the Windows + N keys at the same time to see a new window that pops up. Now in this section you can use the tools in the toolbar to determine the desired format and shape of your writing and write down whatever you want quickly.

creating quick note

Now imagine that you need to write other things quickly and individually. In this case, there is no need to save each item separately, and you can simply save your previous note automatically by pressing Windows + Alt + N at the same time, and open new windows for taking notes.

  1. The second method is when the OneNote window is open.

You can have a new quick note from the OneNote software. You can also still use the shortcut keys at the same time. Follow these steps to have a quick note.

  1. Go to the view tab and the window section.

  2. Click on New Quick Notes.

quick notes in onenote software

  1. Now you have a quick note page that you can type your notebooks in and change the format of your notes. You can change the font, size and the color of the notes. You can also use other features as well. In the quick note page you can access these tabs such as File, Home, Insert, Draw, View and pages.

  2. The shortcut keys are now Ctrl + Shift + M. After pressing these keys, you can quickly save your notes.

One of the great features of this software is the ability to delete all entries at the same time, which can be very attractive to users. Users can also easily manage and categorize all their notes.

How to Pin Quick Notes to the Desktop

Pinning Quick Notes to your desktop can be great for people who are constantly taking notes. In this way, users can quickly enter the required content into the software and save their content. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the view tab and the window section.

  2. Click on the Always on Top option (meaning “always in the highest position”) to always have Quick Notes available.

pin qiuck notes to the desktop

  1. It is even possible to do this by dragging and dropping various entries from anywhere you want to Quick Notes, save its contents along with its address (if available).

Quick Note-taking with The Only Your Voice Feature in OneNote

We’ve seen a lot of developments in technology since virtual voice assistants were designed. Over time, these assistants have become much more advanced than before, and virtual assistants such as Google Now and Siri have replaced many of them. This is also present in Microsoft OneNote software, and users can do many things with voice commands.

This is now possible in OneNote software, so that users can combine regular notes and voice memos. This can help users get things done quickly and categorize their notes.

You can use the search bar to find the words you want in your voice memos. Of course, it may not need to be mentioned, but the optimal use of this service also requires the high quality of the recorded sound. To enable voice search, follow the steps below:

  1. First, go to the File tab and click on Options.

  2. Go to the Audio & Video section.

  3. Check the box “Enable searching audio and video recording for words” and select OK.

enable voice search in onenote

It is also possible for users of smartphones to listen to the voice memos stored in OneNote with the Quick Note app. The use of Microsoft developed software you can also make it easy to work with.

How to Access Notebooks Pages Created in OneNote With Shortcuts

Each note you make in One Note software can have a shortcut that allows users to quickly access anything they’ve already written by placing it in the desktop. To do this:

  1. You must right-click on the tab for the note in OneNote.

  2. Click on Copy Link to Notebook and save the link.

shortcut page created in onenote

  1. Now right-click on an empty space on your desktop and from the New> Shortcut section, press Ctrl + V at the same time to create a shortcut to the note on the desktop. Of course, before creating, you will see the following window, which by clicking on the Next option and finally Finish, you can also specify the name of this shortcut file.

create short cut on your desktop

By using this method, users can significantly increase their recording speed. It is even possible to create a shortcut key for your file.

How to Create Linked Notes in OneNote Software

OneNote software has great features when it is used with other Microsoft software that you can enjoy working with. There are two great features in this software that can definitely help you.

The first feature is Dock to Desktop. You can transfer your notes from any window to other open windows in OneNote or link them together. To use this method, you can go to the ribbon section and select the New Docked Window option from the View section. It is also possible to press the shortcut keys Ctrl + Alt + D simultaneously.

create a new docked windows in onenote

The second feature is the Usefulness of Linked Notes, with this feature you can associate OneNote with any related software such as Internet Explorer, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, etc. and use all of them simultaneously.

You might be wondering what can be saved when OneNote works with Microsoft Word. In this case, when writing a phrase, you are constantly copying different content and inserting it into your text, and if you link it to OneNote, you can have a copy of everything you do in this software as well.

To do this:

  1. first open one of the PowerPoint, Word or OneNote software

  2. Select the Linked Notes option from the Review section.

linked notes in onenote

  1. Then, when a new window opens, in the Select Location section, specify the location where you want to save your new notes and click OK.

have a copy of your notes in onenote

  1. If you ever wanted to stop the software from linking to each other, just select the “Stop Taking Linked Notes” option. However, you should note that in order to do the job properly, you must use similar versions of this software; for example Microsoft Word 2010 with Microsoft OneNote 2010.

How to Edit Notes in OneNote?

Taking notes and saving them may be a quick thing to do; Microsoft has included a variety of great tools for designing written in OneNote. Follow these steps to format your notes in your notebook:

  1. Select the text you want. A small Formatting bar appears at the top of the text.

  2. You can change the font or size of your text, make it bold, underline or highlight, change the color of the text, or you can choose a flag for it. You can use the Format Painter feature to apply the formatting of one text to another. By doing this you are actually copying the text formatting.

edit note in one note

  1. You can also do this through the Home tab.

How to Set up Your Mobile OneNote App

One of the main criteria for people to choose a note-taking application is the ability to access information on different platforms. OneNote is available for Android, Windows Phone and iOS phones. The app can also be accessed on a personal computer (Windows and Mac) or via the web. In fact, all your information will be available everywhere.

You must have a Microsoft account to use the OneNote app. As a result you will have 15 GB of free space in “One Drive”. OneDrive is a cloud hosting service that allows you to sync files in this space; As a result, everything you store in your OneNote app will be stored in this space. To access your notebooks from anywhere you are you can set up the OneNote app on your mobile. You can download the app from your app store.

In OneNote application, you can categorize your notes and put each one in a separate section (or Notebook). If you have worked with other Microsoft programs such as Word, the environment of this program will be familiar to you.

Its text editing features are similar to Microsoft Word and you can make these changes such as font type, font size, boldness, italics and color. It is also possible to add photos, formulas, audio recordings, videos and links to the notes. Of course, do not forget that you have access to these features in both Android and iOS versions.

If your smartphone has a stylus, this app can be a good choice for taking notes. In the Draw section of this app, you can draw anything you want. Of course, this feature also works with the finger.

One of the good features of this program is the ability to export the notes. In other words, you can save your file as Word, PDF and XPS output from notes. To organize the notes, you can specify a custom color or tag for each section.

If you usually save bank account passwords in your phone’s notes, it’s a good idea to use the OneNote password feature if your phone or PC is being used by another user. Keep your important information safe. If you do not have access to the OneNote app, you can still save that information. To do this, just email and your email will be saved in the desired section of your account. Of course, do not forget that you must first go to and make settings related to the email and the destination of the emails.

In the desktop version of this program, you can cut the image. This means that you can take screen clipping from any part of the page and these screenshots will be saved directly as a new note in your OneNote.

onenote tips and tricks