How to Use OneNote

Nov 27, 2020 ยท 7 minute read

In this article you will understand how to create a notebook in OneNote and also how to make a note in OneNote, and how to specify your desired format for your note, like adding a date and time to OneNote, using Bullets and numbers in front of the list in OneNote, adding a special symbol to your text and check spelling and grammar of your notes in OneNote. In the end, you will understand how to save your notebooks in One drive and share your notes with others and also how to restore your file in OneNote.

How to Create a Notebook in OneNote?

In the OneNote app, you can create as many notebooks as you want. For example, you might want to create a notebook to keep track of your upcoming travel notes and another notebook to keep track of information about a school project or your assignments. To create a notebook in OneNote app you should follow these steps:

  1. Click “New” to create a new notebook from the “File” menu. You can choose your computer or the cloud to save your new file.

create notebook onenote

  1. After selecting the storage location, select a name for the file.

  2. Then click “Create notebooks”.

How to Save OneNote Files to Onedrive

It should be noted that if you save the file to your computer, you will no longer be able to access it via your other devices. It’s best to save it to OneDrive (you’ll need a Microsoft account to do this). One of the best and easiest ways to share OneNote app notebooks is to use OneDrive storage. You can share your notebooks in this space and then invite others to edit or just view them. Of course, you can also create your own notebook from the beginning.

To save your current notebook on OneDrive, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the File tab and click on Info.

  2. Click the notebook you want to share.

save notebooks onenote

  1. Tap on the Share option to be directed to the Share section.

  2. In the share section, you can choose the Web location and select Windows live to go to your OneDrive account and save your files there.

  3. In OneDrive page, select + New to add your OneNote notebooks to your OneDrive account.

save notebooks onedrive

How to Restore Your File in OneNote

You can also restore previous versions of your notes. Of course, you can also define passwords for certain parts of your notebook and increase their security. You can also restore previous versions of your notes. Of course, you can also define passwords for certain parts of your notebook and increase their security. If you saved your notebook in your computer hard drive.

1- Click Info on the File tab.

2- Select the Open Backups option. The backup folder is displayed with the date of their backup.

3- Open any section you want and restore its contents.

How to Share Notebook in OneNote

You can also share your notebook with others. You need to follow these steps:

  1. Click on the File tab and click on Info.

  2. Click on the Share on Web or Network under the notebook you want to share.

  3. Click on Windows Live.

share notebooks thorough onedrive

  1. Then you will see the OneDrive page. Select your files and click on Share. Enter the email address.

share notebooks onedrive

  1. If you want people to be able to edit the notebook, select the Can Edit option; But if you only want to be able to view the notebook, select the Can view option.

  2. In the second box you can write your messages.

  3. Click on Send at the end.

How to Take Notes in OneNote?

You can use OneNote app for note-taking, whether it is handwriting or typography. You can design notes, record audio and screenshots. Because OneNote app is a tool of the Microsoft Office, it has features for project collaboration and sharing tools among users. Of course, OneNote app is not a word processor, and all pages are free; that means you can start clicking and typing wherever you want. This app is not designed to produce publishable content. If you want to produce publishable content, it is better to use other Microsoft products. In general, OneNote app is all-in-one software for implementing your ideas, assignments, posts, and more.

A remarkable feature in OneNote app is that you can type wherever you want in a page. When you start typing a note box is shown up around the text and it gets resizable and movable. More interestingly, you do not need to save notes. In fact, OneNote app does not have the Save option in its menus at all and notes are saved automatically when you type something on the page.

Another feature that OneNote app provides is text formatting. Follow these steps to format your notes in your notebook:

  1. Select the text you want. A small Formatting bar appears at the top of the text. You can change the font or size of your text, make it bold, underline or highlight, change the color of the text, or you can choose a flag for it.

text formatting onedrive

  1. You can also do this through the Home tab.

How to Copy Formats Using the Format Painter Option

Use the Format Painter feature to apply the formatting of one text to another. By doing so, you are actually copying the text formatting, not the text itself. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. First select the text with the formatting you want.

  2. Then go to the Home tab and click on Format Painter.

  3. The mouse pointer takes the form of a paintbrush; Drag the text with the mouse to apply the desired template.

How to Use Bullets and Numbers in Front of the Lists in OneNote App?

When you want to write your posts as a list or as a bulletin, do the following:

  1. Select the text and then go to the Home tab and the Basic text group.

  2. Select the Bullets, if you want to add specific symbols at the beginning of your list

  3. Select the Numbering option if you want your list to be numbered in a specific order based on Greek numbers or symbols or English letters.

bullets numbers list onenote

How to Add Date and Time to OneNote Notes

To add the date, time, or both together to your OneNote app notebooks, you can select the TimeStamp group options from the Insert tab as shown below.

add date time onenote notes

How to add Special Symbols to Notes in OneNote App?

You can also use a number of special symbols to make your notebook more beautiful

  1. Go to the Insert tab.

  2. Go to the Symbol section and select the desired symbol.

  3. You can go to the More Symbol section to see more signs and symbols.

add special symbols notes onenote

How to Check Spelling and Grammar in Notes in OneNote App

To check the spelling of the words and grammar you should follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Review tab.

  2. In the Spelling group, select Spelling or F7 shortcut.

  3. You can ignore some of the mistakes by clicking on Ignore.

assignment onenote

  1. By clicking on the Add to dictionary, you can add the word to the OneNote app dictionary.

  2. There are some suggestions for you and you can choose one of them and you can change the word by clicking Change.

Follow these steps for more spelling check settings:

  1. Go to the File tab and click on Options.

  2. Click on the Proofing part.

  3. If you check Ignore words in UPPERCASE, it ignores uppercase words.

  4. If you check Ignore words that contain numbers, it will correct it when you did the wrong numbering.

  5. If you check Ignore internet and file address, it will correct incorrectly typed web addresses.

  6. If you check Check spelling as you type, spelling mistakes will be corrected automatically when typing.

  7. If you do not want the red or blue line to appear under the spelling and grammatical errors, check the Hide spelling and grammar errors option.

  8. Click the Autocorrect options for other settings.

spelling check settings onenote

  1. If the Correct TWO INITIAL Captions option is checked, and you hold down the Shift key; the first two characters are capitalized.

  2. If the Capitalize first letter of sentences option is checked, the first word of a sentence is automatically capitalized.

  3. If the Capitalize names of days option is checked and you type the days of the week, it will be capitalized.

  4. If the Correct accidental use of Caps lock key is checked, your text won’t be scrambled when the Caps lock key is on and you hold down the Shift key.

  5. You can type some characters and replace them with an abbreviation as you type. You can do it by checking Replace text as you type and then select Add.

onenote create