How to Insert Pictures, Audios, Videos, Tables in OneNote

Nov 28, 2020 · 8 minute read

Sometimes when you participate in an educational class or in a meeting, you need to record the voice of the meeting or class or record videos from it, besides the texts are written by you in that class or even business meeting.

OneNote gives you this opportunity to categorize all kinds of data perfectly.

In this article, we are going to explain how to insert pictures, screenshots, audios, and videos into your OneNote file and how to record audio and video in OneNote software, and in the end, you will understand how to insert and format tables in the OneNote program.

How to Insert Picture in OneNote

OneNote software, as a digital notebook, has features that a paper notebook does not have. Sometimes it is necessary to record the speaker’s explanations as audio and video files in meetings and appointments as well as taking notes. In this way, after the meeting, you have access to all the topics discussed in that meeting along with other content

You can add photos, sounds and videos to your notebooks. In OneNote software, you can add a file with various formats to your notebook. You can attach any file and there’s no limitation.

Insert pictures to the OneNote software

Adding pictures to files is not limited to OneNote software; this feature is available in all Microsoft software. You must have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Adding a picture to a notebook, in addition to visualizing, helps us convey concepts faster. It helps to learn things better. You need to follow these steps to add pictures to your notes:

  1. Go to the Insert tab.

  2. You can select a photo from your computer hard drive, click on the Pictures. Select the desired photo and click Insert. You can easily move the photo on the page or resize it. It is recommended to add pictures to your notes and make them more attractive.

insert pictures to the onenote software

  • In the new version of the OneNote software, there is a new option added to the insert tab, which is the online picture. You can add a photo online to your notes; you can click on the online picture. If you click on Online Pictures, a number of services will be available to you. For example, the Bing search engine helps you find the image you want. In the relevant box, type the topic you want to search for.

How to Insert Screenshots in OneNote

If you want to take a screenshot and insert it into OneNote software, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Insert tab.

  2. Go to the Image section and click on Screen clipping. The mouse pointer turns to +. Select the area you want to take a photo of and drop it on OneNote. This is a photo that you can resize or move. The time and date of your Screen clipping are written at the bottom of the photo.

Such a feature has many uses. But perhaps one of the most important is to record the searches and interesting content that you encounter while browsing the web. Instead of spending a lot of time taking notes or trying to record the link of the content you have found somewhere, OneNote software keeps a record of the content for you to review, categorize and read more at the right time.

insert screen clipping to the OneNote software

How to Insert Audio and Video into OneNote Notes

You can easily add audio and video files to your notes. You should follow these steps to add both audio and video to your notes.

  1. Go to the Insert tab

  2. Click on the File Attachment file section and find the audio or video that you like to add you’re your computer folders.

Insert audio and video to the onenote software

  1. Select the audio or video file.

  2. Click on the Insert.

  3. Once clicked, the control buttons will appear.

  4. As you add an audio or video file to your notebook, a related tab called PlayBack is added. In the Playback tab, there are tools for controlling the multimedia files that we have inserted. Click Play to play this audio or video file.

playback in the onenote software

Sometimes it is necessary to review information assets before giving a lecture at a seminar. The OneNote software simplifies this process. To rename these two files, just right-click on them and select Rename from the list of options.

There is no restriction on importing text, images and multimedia files in OneNote software notebooks. So you can easily attach the audio and video files you need to do your research and work in the OneNote notebook.

How to Record Audio and Video in OneNote Software?

Recording audio and video and inserting them in notes is one of OneNote’s best features. To record and insert audio or video you should follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Insert tab.

  2. Click on the Record Audio to record audio and click on the Record Video to record video.

  3. OneNote software is now ready to listen to the sound. While recording audio, a new tab opens that gives you different audio features.

  4. To end the audio recording, click Stop to automatically save the audio file and place it in your notebook. To record videos, the process is the same and your webcam starts recording after clicking on the Record video option.

record audio and video in the onenote software

Change Audio and Video Recording Setting

Audio and video recording settings in OneNote software

  1. To configure video and audio, go to the File tab and click on Options.

  2. Click on the Audio & Video section.

  3. In the Device section, you can select Default Device or Microphone. You can change the volume as well as the Codec and Format.

  4. It should be noted that the OneNote software can search for a specific word or phrase in conversations in English; the same way it does text search. To do this, check Enable Searching audio.

  5. Finally, click OK.

audio and video recording settings in onenote

How to Insert and Format Tables in OneNote Software

Tables are one of the most practical tools for organizing information in all Office software. So when you create your notes in OneNote, you can insert tables too. There are several ways to draw a table in OneNote. So to format tables in OneNote software, do the followings:

  1. First go to the Insert tab.

  2. Then in the Tables group, click on Table.

  3. one way to form a table is to click on the squares and determine as many rows and columns as you want, horizontally and vertically.

format tables in onenote software

  1. You can also specify the exact number of rows and columns with the Insert table option.

insert tables in onenote software

As you type in the cells of the table, the width of the column increases depending on the content written. To move between the cells of the table and go to the next cell, you can use the Tab key. You can use the key combination shift + Tab to go to the previous cell.

To add a new row, you can tap on the Tab key when the cursor reaches the last cell. When you create a table, a related tab called Layout is created in which you have various options for adding rows and columns and formatting the table.

How to Change Table Settings in OneNote Software

  1. You can use the Select group options to select a cell, row, column, or entire table.

  2. The Delete group provides subcategories such as clearing the entire table, clearing cells, and clearing rows.

  3. In the Insert group, it gives us options to create a row at the top and bottom of the selected row and to create a column to the left and right of the selected column.

  4. To align left or right-align or center the text inside the cells of the table, use the Alignment group and its subgroups.

table settings in onenote software

Depending on your needs, you can insert pictures, audio, video, tables, etc. that are related to a word, but bringing them in the original text takes up a lot of space, instead of inserting your files to your notes' page you can insert them on the linked pages.

A linked page is a page that contains a link to that page in your text, and the title of the linked page is shared with a link on the main page, and its main function is to provide an additional explanation about the word that has become a link.

link page in onenote software

To create a linked page (or to create a description page for a word used in the text), right-click on the word you want to write an additional description about and select Create Linked Page. A page is quickly generated at the end of the pages of the current chapter, which has the same name as that word, and that word becomes a link, which by clicking on it, you go directly to that explanatory page. You can now type your description on that new page. You can insert pictures and other necessary files there and use them whenever you need them.

How to Insert Space in OneNote Software?

Sometimes you need to add a point in the middle of the notes and there is no space, in paper notebooks there is no choice and you have to use the margins of the notes. But you can do this in OneNote software, follow the steps:

  1. Go to the OneNote software Home tab.

  2. Select Insert Space and create a blank space anywhere on the page.

insert space in onenote software

onenote insert