How to Transfer File to OneNote

Dec 27, 2020 ยท 5 minute read

How to Transfer Content from other Software to OneNote

Transferring data between different software is common. If you have saved content in other software, such as Word, and you want to add it to OneNote Notes, you can do this through the following ways:

Attach the File to OneNote

You can select File Attachment from the Insert section and the Files group and add the file you want to the notebook.

Copy the Text

The easiest way to transfer content to OneNote is to use Copy and Paste.

  • First select the desired content.

  • Right-click and select Copy, or go to the Home tab and click Copy.

  • Then right-click on the OneNote page in the desired location and click Paste.

Now you have three options:

If you select the first option, keep source formatting, it will also select the entire text format.

If you select the second option, Merge formatting, it will be noted in the format you were currently working with.

If you select the third option, Keep text only, it will only paste the empty text.

Take a Screenshot and Place it in OneNote Notes

If you want to take a screenshot and transfer it to OneNote, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Insert tab.

  2. Go to the Image section and click on Screen clipping.

  3. The mouse pointer turns to +. Select the area you want to take a photo of and drop it on OneNote. This is an object that you can resize or move.

If you want to link the notes in onenote at first you must activate “the Allow creation of new linked notes” option, for that you should follow these steps;

1- Go to the File tab.

2- Click on Options.

3- In the Advanced section, you must check the Allow creation of new linked notes option.

check the allow creation of new linked notes option in onenote

1- open a document, and then go to OneNote.

2- In the Views section.

3- Click Dock to desktop. Its shortcut key is Ctrl + Alt + D.

4- Open the Word document; we will have the Word document in the background next to OneNote. In Word:

  • Go to the Review tab.

  • Click on Linked notes a box will open and we can access our notebooks.

  1. Select the desired section.

  2. Click OK and type the desired description. The Word icon appears next to the text, and when you click the Word icon in OneNote, the Word file opens.

link notes to onenote

How to Transfer an Excel File to OneNote?

As a Microsoft product, OneNote offers consistent integration with other Office products, including Excel. This means you can easily import Excel data into your OneNote notebooks. There are several ways to do this. You can import entire Excel spreadsheets with the ability to preview your data. Or you can add an Excel file to OneNote as an attachment to open it separately.

How to Insert a New Spreadsheet in OneNote

OneNote notebooks are very effective; you can add text, image and more files to your notebooks. However, one of its most efficient features is the ability to insert the entire Excel spreadsheets into the notebook. If you want to do some sort of financial planning, inserting an extended page in OneNote allows you to take advantage of Excel’s extensive financial functionality and formatting capabilities. However, the limitation of this feature is that you can only see your Excel data in OneNote. You will have to edit the data in Excel first. To import an Excel spreadsheet, you need to install OneNote on your Windows 10 PC. Open the app to get started.

How to Insert a Blank Spreadsheet:

  1. Click the Insert tab.

  2. In the Table section, select New Excel Spreadsheet.

insert excel spreadsheet to onenote

or you can go to Insert tab and select Spreadsheet and then New Excel Spreadsheet.

insert excel spreadsheet to onenote

How to Edit Excel Spreadsheet in OneNote

  1. To start editing your new Excel spreadsheet in OneNote software, select the widget object and click the Edit button. This will open your spreadsheet in a new Excel window. You can start editing your new spreadsheet here. The data preview will be updated as you edit your Excel spreadsheet. To update this information manually, right-click on the spreadsheet object in OneNote and then click Refresh.

edit excel spreadsheet to onenote

When editing is complete, you should save your spreadsheet as a new file. To do this first go to the File tab and choose Save As in Excel. However, your Excel data will still remain in OneNote software which will allow you to view and access it.

How to Import the Existing Excel Spreadsheet to OneNote:

Instead of creating a new Excel spreadsheet, it is quite possible to import the current Excel spreadsheet to your OneNote notebooks.

To do this:

  1. Open your OneNote notebook.

  2. Click on the Insert Spreadsheet and select Existing Excel Spreadsheet.

  3. In the Choose Document to Insert window, look for the Excel spreadsheet to insert. Select it and then press the Insert button.

add excel attachment to onenote

How to Add an Excel Attachment

Instead of importing an Excel spreadsheet as an object, you can save it to your notebook as an attachment. This allows you to quickly open the Excel spreadsheet.

To do this;

1- open your OneNote notebook.

2- Go to the Insert tab and File Attachment.

3- In the Choose a file window, look for the Excel spreadsheet.

4- Select it and then press the Insert button to add your selection.

5- In the Insert File window that appears, click Attach File.

attach file in onenote

When pressed, your Excel file will appear as a smaller attachment on your OneNote Notebook. You will not be able to view any information, but double-clicking on the attachment will open the file in a new Excel window. Click OK to accept the warning that appears when you do this.

onenote transfer