How to Save a Word Document into One Drive

Sep 12, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

For saving files in one drive in Word you should follow these steps;

How to Save Files in OneDrive in Word

1- Click on File.

2- Click on the Save as.

3- Click on OneDrive.

save onedrive dialoge word

If you do not have an account in your OneDrive you should at first create one account for yourself, for that you should follow these steps;

How to Create Account in OneDrive in Word

  • Click on Signup.

  • Enter your Microsoft account password.

  • Click on Sign in.

  • Click on Yes.

signup one drive account word

  • Click on OneDrive.

  • Click on Start, click on Next, Click on Let’s get started.

Here you can see your file which you save them in the cloud.

open onedrive file office

4- Click on the Sign in.

5- Insert the email which you register whit that in Microsoft.

6- Click Next.

7- Insert password and click on sign in.

8- Choose your account.

sign in onedrive word

9- Click on OneDrive.

10- Click on the folder which you want to save them your file in it.

save onedrive word

How to Find Our File on the Cloud;

If you want to find your file from Microsoft Word, you should follow these steps;

1- Click on the Open.

2- Click one OneDrive.

Here you can find your file from your computer.

ond drive file word

How to Open Our Word File From Other Device;

You can open your file from your cellphone or other devices.

For that you can follow these steps;

1- Go to the Microsoft web site.

2- Click on the All Microsoft.

3- Click on the OneDrive.

4- Sign in to your account.

Here you can see your file.

onedrive doc office

We saved our file in the Documents folder.

Here you can see that.

file onedrive

word save