How to Print Envelopes in Word

Sep 2, 2020 · 9 minute read

If you tend to send a number of letters to your customers and you want to print the address of the sender and recipient on the envelope, this article will help you. One of the easiest ways to design envelopes and print them is to use Word software.

You have probably seen letters in which the sender’s and recipient’s addresses are printed exclusively with the company logo. In addition to increasing the company’s reputation, this work has a promotional aspect and is one of the methods to introduce the company’s brand to others. So it is better to take the time to design it and make a professional envelope. It also saves your money when you design and print the envelope on your own. On the other hand, this will increase the speed of preparation as well as the readability of the envelope.

How to Print Envelopes in Word 2010 in Windows

How to design an envelope in Word?

To design and then print an envelope in Word you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Mailing tab and click on Envelopes.

  2. The Envelopes and labels window opens with two tabs. Click the Envelopes tab.

  3. There are two boxes in this tab. In the first box, called Delivery address, type the recipient’s address.

  4. In this section, using the booklet icon at the top of the Delivery address box, you can select the recipient address from the Outlook address book. Clicking on this icon opens a dialog box; you can use the list that you have already saved in Outlook.

design an envelop in word

  1. There is another box which is named Return Address; you should type the sender’s address in this box. Here you can also click on the small icon and select the address from the Outlook directory.

  2. If you do not want your envelope to contain the sender’s address, check the Omit option.

  3. By using the Add document button, you can add the envelope to the current document and see a preview of your envelope in Word.

  4. Clicking on either the Preview and Feed sections or the Options button opens the Envelope options window, which has two tabs: Envelope options and the Printing options. As shown below.

set the envelope options in word

  1. Using the options in these two tabs, you can apply the desired settings to your envelope.

To set the envelope options in Word do the followings:

  1. Click the Envelope options tab.

  2. In the Envelopes options tab, from the Envelope size section, you can change the envelope size.

  3. Change the recipient and sender address font using the Font buttons.

  4. Use the From left and the From top drop-down lists to change the margins of the recipient and sender address boxes.

To set the Printing options, you need to do the followings:

  1. Go to the Printing options tab.

  2. Using the Feed method section, you can adjust the way the envelope is placed in the printer tray.

  3. Select how to open the envelope using Face up and Face down.

  4. Using Feed from, you can specify how the envelope is placed in the printer tray.

set printing options in word

  1. Now, after making the desired settings, click Ok to return to the Envelopes and labels window. In this window, click the Add to Document button to open a page for the envelope.

  2. Your envelope is ready. Now you can print your envelope .If you put envelopes designed with your logo in the printer, you can have the envelope with the logo of your company.

How to Print Envelopes in Word 2019 in Windows

For adding address box on the envelope you should follow these steps;

1- If you have an open document in your program close it.

close word doc

2- Open a new file.

create new doc word

3- Click on the Mailings tab.

4- Click on Start Mail Merge.

5- Select Envelopes.

envelopes start mail merge mailings tab word

6- In the Envelope Options Dialogue, click on the Envelope Options.

  • In the Envelope size part, you can choose the size of the envelope.

envelopes size word

  • If you could not find the appropriate size for the envelope you can click on the Custom Size and choose your desired size for the envelope.

custom size envelopes doc

7- In the Delivery address part, you can change the location of the delivery address in your envelope.

change delivery location envelope options word

8- In the Return address part, you can modify the location of the return address in your envelope.

change return location envelope options word

9- You can also change the font, size, style or other properties of text on your envelope.

change font address envelope options word

10- In the Printing Options tab, you can specify how to feed the printer.

feed method printer envelope options word

11- If you want to ignore the changes and return to the setting of the program you can click on Reset key.

12- Click on Ok.

reset envelope options word

13- Click on the Home tab.

In the Paragraph part, click on the Paragraph sign to see the position of the Return and Delivery address on your envelope.

paragraph mark home

14- Click on the Mailings tab and in the “Select Recipients” part insert recipient for your envelopes.

recipients list mailings word

15- In the Insert Address block dialogue, you can specify your desire settings for the recipient list.

  • In the preview part, you can see the appearance of delivery addresses in your envelope.

If the text which was written in the envelope is not correct, you can click on the Match Field and insert correct data in the field.

After that, you can see the address in the preview part.

  • Click Ok.

you can find more information about this part in the how to insert address block in mail merge page.

insert address block dialoge word

16- Click on the Address Block.

insert address block

17- You can see address block was added on the Delivery address part.

delivery address block

18- In the Return Address part write the address of the sender.

19- Click on the Preview Result key.

You can see both addresses on the envelope.

return address envelope word

20- If you want to check the Delivery address you can click on the arrow and check all addresses.

preview result word

21- Click on the Finish & Merge key.

22- Click on the Print Documents…

print documents finish merge word

23- Here you can print one envelope in order to be assured everything is ok.

current record print envelope word

24- After that select All option and print all the envelopes.

merge printer dialoge word

How to Print Envelopes in Word in Mac

An important aspect, you will have to spend only on the envelope and ink in the printer, without contacting the printing house.

For work we need the Mailings tab in the top menu of MS Word as well as absolutely clean, without marked margins, envelopes. The location of details on envelopes of different sizes is already included in the program, so no markup is needed.

An added bonus: Blank envelopes are sold at any office supply store, so you don’t have to queue at the post office to buy them.

Mailings Tab

Specifying the sender’s address

An ordinary postal envelope requires the sender to fill in the following details:

• Name (title) and address of the sender;

• Recipient’s index;

• Name (title) and address of the recipient.

The address details are written in the following order:

• For a legal entity - full or short name, for individuals - surname, name, patronymic;

• Bank details (for COD postal orders sent to a legal entity or received from a legal entity): TIN, correspondent account, bank name, current account, BIK;

• Street name, house number, apartment number;

• The name of the settlement (city, village, etc.);

• Name of the region;

• The name of the republic, territory, region;

• Postcode;

• Phone number of the recipient (sender)

The name and address of the sender, unlike the rest of the data, the information is constant. It can be added to the program.

To do this, click on the round Office button in the lower left menu of the screen and click on the Word Options button in the drop-down menu.

mailing tab in mac

Word Options button

In the window that opens, on the left, click on the advanced command and scroll down the right field to the General group. There is the Postal address field. We fill it in and save it by clicking OK.

Now the program has memorized the sender’s return address and will automatically indicate it on the envelopes.

Getting ready to indicate the recipient’s index

The recipient’s index, written in the lower left part of the envelope, refers to the mandatory details of the postal item. Without it, the operator at the post office, most likely, will not accept the letter. We will act according to the rules and provide our future envelopes with an index written in accordance with all the rules of postal calligraphy.

Finding a font for writing zip codes on the Internet is easy with a search query.

You can download the font for free, but we strongly recommend that you take your time and check it for viruses before downloading the file.

The font file has a .ttf extension. To make it appear among all Word fonts, you need to open the My Computer folder, then go to the Control Panel, find the Fonts folder and move the downloaded file to this folder.

information for envelope

Envelope Writing

On the Mailings tab in the Create group of commands, a click on the Envelopes command will open the Envelopes and Labels window, in which the envelope parameters are specified.

Finished Envelope

All that’s left is to save this document as a Word template. The sequence of commands for this: Office button - Save As - Word Template. Now the finished envelope will always be at hand.

So, the minimum goal has been achieved: after spending just a few minutes, we have permanently solved the problem of indicating the return address on the envelope, and as for the index and recipient address, they can be added without any effort to the corresponding fields on the envelope from the mail register or mailing list using the elementary copy-paste functions. In practice, it takes less than a minute to prepare an envelope using this instruction.

save envelope in mac

Beautiful corporate-style envelope can be prepared specifically for holiday mailings for public and professional holidays. Most importantly, the job of creating envelope in Word only seems daunting. It’s actually very simple, and the time saved by knowing this feature is priceless.

How Do I Print Multiple Envelops in Word

The steps attached below are recommended for printing multiple envelopes in Word;

1- First of all you should create your address list in an Excel document.

address list in excel

2- Open a new document on Word and then click on the Mailing tab.

3- Click on the Start Mail Merge.

4- Click on the Envelopes…

5- Here you can choose your desired size for your envelope.

choose envelop size

6- If you click on the page, you can see two boxes, where you write the address of the sender in the top box, and the addresses of the recipients in the bottom box.

write address envelope

After the words in the envelopes which are repeated the same were written, you should follow this process to insert the name and address automatically for each recipient.

7- Click on the “Select Recipient”> “Use an Existing List… “.

8- Choose the excel file in which you have your address.

9- Click on Open and choose the sheet in which you have your addresses.

choose your desired sheet

10- Click on the “Insert Merge Field” and insert the values which you need to add the on envelope.

insert merge field

11- Click on the “Preview Results” button to see the position of the words on the envelope.

12- Click on the “Finish & Merge” button and then click on “Print Documents.”

print envelop

word mail merge print