How to Create an Address List in Word

Aug 25, 2020 ยท 5 minute read

If you have an address list of your customers or friends or colleagues in Microsoft Word program or Excel, you can send your desired text to your list easily, and also you can create custom emails for each of the customers that you have in your Microsoft Word address list.

In this article, you will learn how to create a recipient list in word 2010 and how to make an Address list, customized column, add a new field, move the position of field and delete a new field in address list in word 2019, and in the end, you will learn about finding your desired data in Address list in Word 2019 in Windows.

How to Create a Recipient List in Windows

The first step is to determine the type of document in Word. To do this, go to the Mailings tab and click on the Start Merge Mail option. Then you must specify the type of document. There are 5 options at this stage.

  1. Letters: Using this option, you can send letters to a large number of people and personalize the letters that each person receives.

  2. E-mail message: Use this option to send an email to different people.

  3. Envelopes: Use this option to print sent envelopes for group mail.

  4. Labels: Use this option to print address tags for group mailing.

  5. Directory: Use this option to create a single document containing a single catalog or printed list.

  6. To go to the next step, you must click on the Next option.

specify type of document

Microsoft Word 2010

How to Create a Recipient List in the Word 2010

To select recipients list in the mail merge in Microsoft Word you need to do the following steps:

Here are 3 options:

select recipients list in a word

  1. Type a new list: to create a new list you need to select this item.

  2. Use the existing list: Use a pre-written list to send the document to them.

  3. Select from outlook contacts: If you use Outlook software to send and receive an email, you can use its contact list.

If you select the Type a new list option to create a new list.

  1. The New address list dialog box opens; enter the recipient information. Click the New entry button to add the next record.

create new address list in word

  1. Click Delete entry to delete a person’s information.

  2. Click Find to search for a person.

  3. If you want to add a new column, click Customize columns. After clicking the Customize columns button in Microsoft Word, a window will open where you can define a new field.

  4. Click Add.

  5. Enter the name of the desired column and click Ok.

  6. Use Move up and Move down to move the desired column between the columns.

customize address list in word

  1. Click OK to open the Save address dialog box.

  2. In this window, specify the file name and storage location. Click the Save button. The file is saved as an Access file.

  3. Then the Mail merge recipient window opens.

  4. Finally, you need to save the address list and select the location.

Microsoft Word 2019

For creating an address list in the word you can manually add your desired recipients in word or insert your list from another file, here we are going to explain the first method;

How to Make an Address List in Mail Merge in Word 2019;

1- Click on the Mailings tab.

2- Click on Select Recipients.

3- Choose “Type a New List …”.

type a new list mailings word

4- Here you can add your desired data.

  • For moving to the next cell, click on the “Tab key” on your keyboard.

  • For coming back hold the shift key and press Tab key on the keyboard.

new address list dialoge word

5- When you finished the first row;

  • Click on the “New Entry” key.

6- After you insert all data click on Ok.

add new address list word

7- Choose your desired place for saving your list in your computer and choose your desired name and save your file.

save address list dialoge word

How to Customize Column in Address List in Word 2019;

If you want to add or remove columns in the Address list you can follow these steps;

How to Add New Field in Address List in Word 2019;

1- Click on the “Customize Columns”.

For adding new columns click on the Add key.

2- Choose your desired name for it.

3- Click Ok.

add new field address list word

How to Move the Position of Field in Address List in Word 2019;

1- Click on the “Customize Columns …”.

2- Click on the Columns name which you want to change the position.

3- Click on the Move up or Move Down to change the position of it.

4- Click Ok.

moveup down field address list word

How to Rename New Field in Address List in Word 2019;

1- Click on the Field.

2- Click on the Rename key.

3- Choose your desired name.

4- Click Ok.

rename field address list word

How to Delete New Field in Address List in Word 2019;

1- Select your desired Field which you want to delete it.

2- Press Delete key.

3- Press Yes.

delete field address list word

How to Find Your Desired Data in Address List in Word 2019;

1- Click on the Find Key.

2- In Find Entry dialogue write your desired name.

3- In Look in part you can choose two items;

  • If you choose All Fields the program will search your desired name in all the table cells.

  • If you choose This field, you can choose your desired column and search your name on that column only.

4- Click on Find Next key to find another cell in your table which contains your desired data.

find address list word

You can also import your desired address list in how to import excel mailing list in word page you can learn more about it.

word mail merge