How to Add Custom Entries to a Table of Contents

Aug 17, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

Sometimes you want to add a note in the table of contents but you do not want to see it in the body of your document.

For that you should use Field code command here we are going to explain that.

1- Place the cursor at the beginning of the line which your desired header was placed there.

word view tab

2- Click on the Insert tab.

3- In the next section choose Field.

word field

4- In the left section in the Field names part choose TC.

word field dialoge

5- In the Text entry part write your desired text.

word field dialoge text entry

6- In the Field option select outline levels box and choose your desired number.


you should not have that level in your table-of-contents.

Here we chose number 7 for that.

word field dialoge outline level

7- Because we do not want to show the page number for the text which we added, we select suppresses page number box.

8- Click on Ok.

word field dialoge suppresses page number

9- Go to the table of contents page and click on Alt + F9.

word table of contents

Here you can see the codes, you need to alter the formula.



before the t switch in the formula.


in our example, the formula is equal to

{TOC \o “1-3” \h \z\f \t “custom style,4” }

10- Click on Update Table and select “Update entire table”.

11- Click Ok.

field code formula update table of contents word

12- You can see your desired text was added into table-of-contents.

custom entry table of contents

How to Modify the Text in Custom Entry.

1- Click on the Home tab.

2- In the Style part click on the arrow.

3- Select the level which you add your on it when you want to create your custom entry.

As you remember number 7 had been chosen by us.

style word

4- Click on the arrow and choose Modify.

modify word style

5- In the Modify Style dialogue, you can change the font colour and other properties which you want.

6- You can also click on the Format key and choose other characteristics which you want.

modify style dialoge word

7- Here we chose Paragraph and modify the Indentation of it.

8- Click Ok.

modify style format paragraph

You can see that the text which you added it to the table of contents was modified.

toc modify

word table of content