How to Create Custom Table of Contents

Aug 9, 2020 ยท 4 minute read

Table of Content Dialogue Items

Here we are going to explain all items in the table of contents dialogue and after that, we will explain how to create a custom table of contents in one example.

In this part, you can see the appearance of the table of contents in your document with the settings which you have assigned for your table.

table of contents print preview window

If you want to have page number of each chapter in your table of contents you should select Show page numbers box.

If you do not want to have page numbers in all levels in the table of contents you must use field code, in the how to delete page numbers in table of contents this subject was explained.

table of contents dialoge show page number

If you want to align the page numbers on the right side of the page you should select the “Right align page numbers” box.

table of contents dialoge right align page numbers

you can also change the appearance of the tab leader on the table of contents here;

select the arrow and choose your desired tab leader.

table of contents dialoge tab leader

Web Preview

In the Web Preview part, you can select “Use hyperlinks instead of page numbers” box.

If you select this item, you can go to your desired chapter by holding the Ctrl and left-click on the Heading in the table of contents.

table of contents dialoge web preview


In the General part you have two items;

  • Formats;

In the format part, you can select some predesign style for the table of contents.

table of contents dialoge general formats

  • Show levels;

You can specify the number of the levels which you want to have in your table of contents.

table of contents dialoge show levels


Here you can choose the styles to use to build your table of contents, such as multiple headings, headers, footers, comment text,

table of contents dialoge options


In the Modify part, you can Modify the Font, Paragraph, etc of each level in your table of contents, in the following example we will explain this subject more precisely.

table of contents dialoge modify style

How to Create a Custom Table of Contents

Sometimes you need to have your desired table of contents, for instance, here we want to have some words of the beginning of each chapter in our table of contents.

Here we want to explain this subject in one example;

1- Select the words which you want to have them in the table of contents.

2- Click on the Home tab.

3- In the style section, click on the arrow on the right side of the section.

4- Click on the create a style.

5- Choose your desired name for the new style.

create new style dialoge word

6- Click on the Reference tab.

7- Click on the Table of Content dialogue.

8- Click on the Custom Table of contents…

table of content category word

9- In this dialogue, you can see in the Print Preview window only Heading 1 until Heading 3.

10- Click on the Options.

table of contents dialoge

11- Here you can see numbers 1,2,3 in front of the Heading 1 until Heading 3.

table of contents options dialoge

12- Write number 4 in front of the style which was created by you in the last step.

13- Click Ok.

customstyle table of content options

Now you can see your style was added on the Print Preview window.

customstyle table of content dialoge

14- Click on the Modify key.

table of content dialoge word

Here you can modify the characteristics of each level of your table of contents.

Here TOC 4 was chosen because we want to change that level.

15- Select TOC 4.

16- Click on Modify key.

style dialoge modify

17- In the Modify Style dialogue, Click on Format key.

Here you can choose each item which you want to change it’s characteristic.

Here we want to change the Font and Paragraph.

  • Choose Font item.

modify style dialoge font format word

  • Modify the items which you want here and click on Ok.

font dialoge word

  • Click on the Paragraph part.

modify style dialoge paragraph

Here we want to add one-inch indentation for our text.

after you change all items which you need click on Ok.

paragraph dialoge word

approve commands

For the question of Replace this table of contents? Click on Yes.


18- Go to the text and after each chapter select the texts which you want to have them in the table of contents.

19- Click on the Home tab and in the style part choose the style which you added it before.

20- Repeat these steps for other chapters too.

customstyle word

21- Click on the References tab and click on the Update Table.

22- Choose Update entire table, and click ok.

you can see the text which you selected appear in the table of contents.

update table of contents

word table of content