How to Do MLA Format on Word 2019

May 1, 2020 ยท 3 minute read

MLA is stand for the modern language association. They have created a set of standards on how a paper should be setup.

Here we are going to explain how to do that in Microsoft word 2019.

How to Set up MLA Format on Word;

1- Open new word document.

word doc

2- Set up page margins.

How to Set up Margins on Word for Mla Format;

  • Click on Lay out tab.

  • In page set up part click on Margins. layout margins

  • For the Mla format, you need one inch of space for each side of the sheet, so you can select Normal or select “Custom margins…” section, and specify that manually. normal margins word

3- Set up Font;

How to Set up Font for Mla Format;

  • Go to Home tab.

  • In Font part click on Font launcher arrow.
    home font

  • Click on Font tab.

  • In the Font choose “Time New Roman”.

  • In the Font Style choose “Regular”.

  • In the size choose 12 and click on Ok. font

4- Go to Layout tab. click on Hypenation.


  • choose None.

hyphenation none

How to Number Pages.

5- Click on Insert tab and click on “Page Number”.

page number

  • Click on Top of Page,

  • Choose plain number 3. top plain

  • In the Header part type your last name.

  • Follow by ONE space. header page

  • Make sure the font and size and style of the text and page number are the same as the rest of the paper.

change font

  • Close the Header. size font

  • You can see, your last name with page number were added to each page. specify header

How to Set up Paragraph;

6- Click on Home tab and in “Paragraph” section, Click on launcher arrow. paragraph launcher

7- In “Indent and spacing” tab, In line spacing choose “Double”

and specify ZERO for Before and After part. double

8- Check the box “Do not add space between paragraphs of the same style”. dontadd

How to Add our Information;

9- In the first line type your first and last name. name

10- In the second name type the name of Professor or teacher. teacher

11- Type the name of the class or course name. class

12- Type the due date (Completion date) of the paper.

the style of date is “Day month year”, For instance 30 April 2020. date name date

13- Center the line and type the title of paper in the middle of line.

How to Write Title;

a- Caps for all words except articles, coordinating conjunctions and prepositions.

b- First and last words always capitalized and no matter what they are.

c- Do not underline it.

d- Do not put it in quote marks.

e- Do not Bold face it.

f- Do not italicized.

g- Do not use all caps for it.

title of paper

14- For typing the text

  • Align left

  • Indent the first line 0.5 inch, for that you can push one time tab key in your keyboard.

type txt indent

15- Start to type your essay but remember you should not press enter unless you reach to the end of the paraghraph.

Remember that the first line of the next paragraphs should start half an inch ahead.

when you arrive to the end of the page, go to Insert tab and click on page break. pagebreak

16- when you finished the first part, click on “page break” again. page break1

17- For writting works cited, Go to Home tab.

home tab

18- Center next line, and type your work cited. cite page work cite

19- For detail on how to make a works cited page, you can go to the David Taylor page in Youtube. work cite page

word format