How to Change Default Font in Word 2019

Apr 26, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

Here we have a word document and we want to set default font for it, for that we should do following steps.

How to Set Default Font in Word;

If you look at the font part you can see the default font name in the word program is “Calibri-Body” and font size is 11 we are going to change them to Meriyo with the size 18 and dark blue color.

word doc

1- Right-click on the page or in the Font part click on the Font dialoge Box, you can also hold “Ctrl+D” to open the font dialoge.

right click home font

2- Click on the Font tab and choose your desired font here it was chosen Meriyo.

Also change the font size and color of the font.

If you need to change other characteristic of the font in your file you can do that here.

font tab change color

3- In the Advanced tab you can change other characteristic of your text like scale or spacing. advanced tab

4- Click on “Set as Default”. set as default

5- Here the program ask you:

  • This Document only?

If you want to change the default of this document, choose this one.

  • All document based on the Normal template?

if you like to set these modifications in all Words documents, choose this option.

change default

6- In the Font part, you can see, the font name and font size and color of the words were changed.

new document

7- In order to understand these modifications were set for other documents too. Create new blank document.

  • Click on File.

  • Click on blank document.



8- You can see in new document default font name is Meriyo and default font size is 18 and the color of the text is dark blue.

new doc

change font

word change font