How to Find and Replace in Word

Apr 20, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

In this page we are going to explain how to find and replace words in a Word document.

There are differents way to find words here we are going to explain some of them.

How to Find words in Word document;

word doc

First method;

1- Click on View tab and check Navigation Pane.

view tab

2- In the left side in the Navigation part write your desired word,

Here we are going to find “words” word.


3- When click on result you can see the numbers and the positions of that word in your document.

navigation pan

Second method;

1- Click on Home tab and choose find in Editting part.

home find

2- When you click on Find option in the left side we can see Navigation part.

when you write your desired word you can understand how many of that word you have in your document and also when you click on result part you can see the position of that words in your document.

find result

third method;

1- Click on Home tab and click on Replace in Editting part. find dialoge

2- Clicking on Find tab.

3- In the “Find what” you can write your desired word

4- You can also specify in which part do you want to find that word;

find in

  • If you choose “Current selection”, the program only searches that word in the selected part.

  • If you select the Main document, the program will search in the main document

words find

  • If you select Footnotes, the program will search only in the footnotes part.


How to Replace Word;

1- Click on Replace tab.

2- In the “Find what” write the word which you want to find it in the text.

3- In the “Replace with” write the word which you want to replace with that word.

replace word

4- Go to the Find tab and click on the “Find In” Key,

Here you can specify in which place you want to replace the word.

  • If you want to replace in the footnote click on the “Footnotes” and then go to the Replace tab and click on Replace key. find footnote

replace word footnote

change word

You can see the word “count” was changed to “calculate”.

  • If you want to replace in “Main Documents”, you should choose that option.

  • Go to Replace tab and click on Replace.

main doc


By this command, you can see each word which you want to replace and after that, you can replace it.

Replace All;

If you click on “Replace All”, all the words will be replaced at the same time.

replace text

replace text doc

word doc

word find replace