How to Count Characters in Word

Apr 18, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

In this File we want to explain how to count the characters in word document, For that we will explain three methods.

How to Count Character in Word

In this file we have 14 words in text and 10 words in footnote,

here we want to explain how Word can demonstrate these numbers to you. word doc

First method;

1- Right click on the Status bar.

word count

2- Select word count option.

3- In the Status bar you can see number of words you have in this document.

active word count

How to calculate the number of footnote words

1- Click on the status bar on the number of the words.

word in doc

2- In the word Count dialoge you can see the number 24 words.

word count dialoge

3- Untick “Include textboxes, footnotes and endnores” box.

4- you can see the numbers of the words change to 14. this number shows the number of the words in your text.

5- If you subtract this number from previous number you can find the number of words in footnotes and endnotes of your text. words without footnote

Second method;

1- Go to Review tab.

2- Select Word Count.

review word count dialoge

3- You can see the dialogue box which shows the number of words for you.

dialoge word count

third method;

1- Place the cursor in the position which you want to show the number of words in your text.


2- Go to Insert tab and select Quick parts.

3- Click on Field.

insert field

4- Choose Numworks and click Ok.

field menu

5- You can see the number of words in your text here.

word number

  • you should pay attention this number dont upgrade automatically, and you should manually upgrade the number.

Here we added 3 words in our text and we want to upgrade the numbers.

write new words

  • Right-click on the number and choose Update Field option. you can see the number was changed to 17.

update field number updated

  • Pay attention that, this number is the number of words in your text. The number of words in Footnote and Endnote and text boxes are not included.

not included footnote

How to calculate the words in selected part of your text.

1- You can select the wors and in the left bottom of the page, you can see the number. number of selected words

2- If you select the number in the Footnote or Endnote you can see the number of selected words there.

footnote selected words

  • You can go to the Review tab and Click on Word Count, in this part you can also see the number of selected words.

selected words

word count