How to Make a Timeline on Word

Apr 15, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

Before start to create a timeline it is better to change the orientation of your page.

1- Go to layout tab.

2- choose your desired Orientation.

word doc landscape portrait

How to Make a Timeline on Word;

1- Click on Insert tab.

2- In Illustrations part choose SmartArt.


3- choose your desired SmartArt Graphic.

choose smartart graphic

4- Click on Design tab.

How to Add Shape and Bullet;

In Create Graphic part you can add shapes and bullets

add bullet and shape

  • For creating shape palce your cursor in the location which you want to add shape.

  • Click on Add shape tab and you can specify new shape add after or before of selected shape, here we chose “Add shape after” option. add shape

  • you can also Bullet for each shape by Clicking on “Add shape”.

How to Delete Shape and Bullet;

  • If you want to delete a bullet you can select the bullet in the picture and press Delete key in your keyboard, select that in the chart and click Delete key in your keyboard.

add bullet

  • For deleting Shape you should select them in the graph.

select shape

  • Press Delete key in your keyboard.

select shape 1 deleted shape

5- For adding text click on Text Pane and add your desired text in the text window.

text pane add texts

How to Change the Size of the Graph;

1- Click on Graph.

2- Change the size of the chart by dragging the bottom of the window.

change size

How to Change the Style of the Graph;

1- Select the window.

2- In “Smart Art Style” part, Choose your desired style. change style

How to Change the Colour of the Graph;

1- Select the window.

2- In “Change Colour” part, Choose your desired colour.

change color

How to Change the Layout of Graph;

In the “Design” tab go to the “Layout” part.

you can choose your desired layout here. change layout

word timeline