How to Accept all Changes in Word

Apr 12, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

Imagine you sent your file to the colleagues or friends to leave their comments on the text. Now you want to reply to their comments.

Here we are going to explain that.

1- Place your cursor at the beginning of the text. In the “Change box” Click on Next key. word doc

2- Now you are in the first comment.

How to Accept all Changes in Word;

1- Click on Accept and choose “Accept and move to the next” option.

accept move

2- You can also choose “Accept this change”.

But when you choose this option, the program won’t go to the next comment automatically. accept this change

3- If you want to accept all changes without reviewing them separately, you can click “Accept All Changes”. accept all change word

How to Reject Comments;

1- Go to the comment. reject

2- In change box you can click on reject.

  • Reject and Move Next;

If you choose “Reject and Move Next”. After you reject the comment you will go to the next comment.

  • Reject change;

You reject that comment but you will not go to the next comment.

reject move reject one

  • Reject all changes;

You can also reject all comments if you like without reiewing them separately.

How to Change Reviewer for your document;

At first If you didn’t add the reviewer for your document, you should add that person.

1- In the “Track” section, click on the launcher at the bottom right of the box.


2- In the Word option Click on General tab and change Username and Initials part.

Here you can add the name of the new reviewer.

change user name personalize general word option track changes option

3- Go to “Mark-up” and click on “Specific People”.

show markup

4- Now you can change the name of the Reviewer or hide or show his comments. specific people

How to Change the Format of the Comments;

1- In the “Track” section, click on the launcher at the bottom right of the box. lancher

2- Click on Advanced Options… advanced options

3- In Mark-up part,

In the “Insertion section” you can change the style of the text written by the commenter. advanced track change option mark up insertation

4- Here you can change the colour of the comments which each Reviewer write.

markup mark up

5- In “Deletations part” you can change the style of deleted part.


6- Also, you can change the position of indicator line here.

changed lines

How to Mark as Final Text;

If you don’t want to let other people to leave a comment on the text you can do the following steps;

1- Click on File;

file tab

2- Go to Info;

info tab

3- Click on Protect Document.

4- Select Mark as Final.

mark as final ok