How to Add Comments in Word

Apr 10, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

Imagine writing a text and making copies of it and sending them to your friends or colleagues in order to say their comments about it,

How can we do this electronically? Here we want to explain it.

How to Insert a Comment in Word;

1- Go to Review ribbon.

review word

2- Select your desired text and then click on New Comment.

select text comment


How to Change Comment Name in Word;

some times you want to ask a group of people to say their comments about a text.

Here we are going to explain how to add another person to this group.

1- In “Tracking part” click on the right bottom of the section.

property box

2- In Track Change Option, Click on “change user name” key.

track change option

3- In “Word Option”, go to the general tab, change “User name” and “Initials” names and click on “Ok”.

general tab

track change option ok

4- Now if the comments will be written on the text, you can see the name of the writer will change.

also, the colour of the comments has been changed too.

new comment text

all comment

How to change the style of comments;

You can change the style of comments by choosing “All markup or simple markup” option.

all markup comment

all markup

simple markup

How to Remove all comments of a person;

1- You can click on “Show Markup”.

show markup

2- Go to Specific people and untick the names of people, who you want to remove their comments.

specific people

word comment