How to Delete Section Break in Word

Apr 8, 2020 ยท 1 minute read

How to Remove Section or Page Break in Word;

1- Open your Word document.

How to Make Visible Paragraph Mark.

  • Go to the Home tab.

word doc

  • Click on Paragraph Mark or press “Ctrl+Shift+8” Key.

paragraph mark

section break

2- Put the cursor right before section mark and click Delete Key.

How to Remove Section or Page Break in Word by Searching;

If you want to delete all section break or line section page in one document or you want to find them easier you can follow these steps;

1- Go to Home tab and click on Replace key.


2- Click on More.

find replace menu

3- Click on Special key and choose section Break, Line Break or Page Break.


section page line break

4- Here section break was chosen.

5- In “Replace with” enter nothing, it should be empty.

6- Click on “Replace All”, If you don’t want to remove all of them you can click “Find Next” Key and then Replace each of them which you need.

replace all


word delete