How to Print Labels from Word

Apr 6, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

1- Go to the mailing tab.

mailings tab

2- CLick on Labels.

labels mailings

3- If you want to write the same text in all labels, you can write your address in the address window, but Microsoft Word gives you this chance to change the address of labels manually too, it will be explained later.

labels address

How to Specify the Size of Labels automatically;

If you want to buy label paper you can specify the size of the label by finding the name and product number of the label. here it will be explained this subject.

1- Click on the option key or in the Label part click on the picture. envelope label option

2- Go to Label vendors and find the name of the label which you want to buy.

label vendors

3- Now go to the Amazon website and find it.

Here we are going to buy Ultragrip Avery labels.

amazon web

search item amazon

ultragrip label

4- Find the product number of this label and specify it for Microsoft Word.

ultragrip label properties

label option properties

How to Specify the Size of Labels Mannually;

If you can not buy labels that are supported by Word, you can enter the measurements manually.

1- Click on Options key.

full page of the same label

2- Click on Labels Vendors tab.

label option word 1

3- Choose other or custom option.

custom label option

4- Click on new labels.

new label custom

5- Here you can specify the size of labels and then click on Ok.

manual label option details

label option manual

How to Change the Label’s Text Manually;

After you specify label size for Word Program you can click on “New document” and change the contents of the labels manually if you need.

new document

label address

change label address

How to Print the labels;

1- Before start to print your file go and take all the plain paper out of your printer.

2- Put just a single sheet of label into your printer, I know it seems a slow way to do your printing but labels are expensive and we do not want to risk the printer chewing up your paper, or taking up two sheets at once.

Printer hp

bring out paper

put label paper

3- Go to the file tab and Click on Print key.

print your file

printed page label

printed label

word print label