How to Create a Form in Word

Mar 30, 2020 ยท 4 minute read

Imagine you want to create a form for your business, At first, I am going to explain

How to Create an Underline for Your Form

Imagine, you want to draw an underline for this form. If you use the Underline key When your customers want to write their names and other details, the underlines will move.

simple form word

fill form

For solving this problem you can follow these steps;

1- Click on the Home tab and then click on Paragraph mark. here we can specify at which location our line will be finished.

home tab word

2- Click on View tab and Ruler box to see the exact location of your paragraph marks.

view tab ruler

ruler word

How to Delete All Underlines;

If your file has a lot of pages and you want to delete all underlines this work would be a little difficult.

For that, you can use this command.

1- Click on the Home tab and click on the Replace key.

home replace

2- Click on replace tab and In “Find what” part write “_*”. tick “use wildcards” box.

  • Click on Replace All key. you can see all underlines will be deleted.

find replace menu


delete underline

3- Select all the lines which you want to draw underline for them.

4- Right-click on them and click on Paragraph.


5- Click on “Line and Pages Breaks” tab, Click on Tabs…

paragraph tabs

6- In “line and Pages breaks” part, specify the location which you want to “Paragraph marks” finish.

In Leader part, you can specify the type of your underline.

Click on the Set key and then click on Ok.

tabs set

tabs set ok

7- Click on at the beginning of the line which you want to create an underline.

  • Click on Tab key in your keyboard.

8- For other lines do the same action.

underline tab

draw underline

9- Now your client can fill the form and underlines will not move when they fill that.

filling form

How to Create a Rich Text and Plain Text;

If you want to create a box in your form, for writing information, you can use “Rich text” and “Plain text” items.

You should pay attention to this point that “Plain text” give you this capability to jump from one box to another by clicking in “Tab key” on your keyboard but when you use “Rich text” you should click in each box and then enter your desired information.

At first, we should fix the line, this point was explained in how to fix the end of line part.

home tab

paragraph key

modify line paragraph

Here we are going to use the “Rich text” item for the first box, and use “Plain text” item for other boxes.

1- At first click on the place which you want to add “Rich text”, In the Developer tab, click on “Rich text” key.

developer tab

rich text content control

2- Click on properties.

rich text properties

Plain text properties

3- you can modify your title and tick the “content control cannot be deleted” box.

plain text control

plain text control properties

4- In the Rich Text, you can write your text in multiple paragraphs but in the Plain text you do not have this opportunity by default, If you want to add this capability in Plain text Properties you should select “Allow carriage returns” box.

allow carriage returns

5- Click on Design Mode.

you can click on this tab, change the default text, in order to help your users to fill your form easier.

design mode developer

fill plain text

6- If you want to change the colour or font, size and etc of your form, you can go to the Home tab and modify them in Font part.

change color size

filled form

How to Add Picture Content Control;

If you want to add this feature to your form, which user can upload their photo, you can use this command.

1- Go to the Developer tab.

developer image

2- Click in the place which you want to put your picture.

3- Click on “Picture content control” key.

picture content control


4- Click on properties.

5- you can modify your title and tick the “content control cannot be deleted” box.

content control properties

6- If your users want to upload their pictures they can click on the picture and insert their desired picture to your form.

upload pic

insert picture

choose pic insert

inserted picture

For Checkbox, Combo box, Drop-down list content Control and Date picker content control, you can go to How to Make a Word Document Fillable page.

word form