How to Add a Checkbox in Word

Mar 29, 2020 ยท 3 minute read

Imagine you have a shopping list and you want to add some checkboxes on it.

  • At first click on File.

word form

  • Go to option part.

options menu

  • Click on Customize Ribbon key and then tick Developer box.

  • Click on ok.

customize ribbon

developer customize ribbon

  • Click on the Developer tab.

developer tab

  • On Controls part, click on the checkbox.

check box

  • Put the checkbox in each place which you want. you can easily change the size of the box by going to the home tab and change the size of the box.

change size

  • Select the checkbox and then click on Properties.

put check box

  • You can type your desired name in Title.

  • If you don’t want another person has the capability to delete the form, select “Content control cannot be deleted” box.

  • you can change the checked symbol by clicking on Change key.

content control properties

  • In the Symbol menu, you can choose Wingdings in the Font tab, then you can find the marks easier.

  • Click on your desired symbol and then click on Ok.


choose symbol

  • You can copy and paste the checkbox in other places which you need easily after that.

shopping list checkbox

  • If you want to protect your form from other users you should follow these steps, by that, they can only fill the checkboxes.

How to Protect your Form;

1- Click on Restrict Editing key.

restrict editing

2- Tick “Editing restrictions box”.

editing restrictions

3- Choose Filling in Forms.

filling in forms

4- Click on “Yes Start Enforcing Protection” key.

start enforcing protection

5- Choose your desired password.

enter password

6- Now you can share your form and ask others to fill it.

tick your list

How to Protect One Section in your Form;

If you want to protect one section in your file you can follow these step.

1- Click on the Developer tab.

2- Click on “Restrict Editing” key.

3- In the right side in the “Editing restrictions” part choose “Filling in Forms”.

4- Here we should divide our document to the protected and unprotected parts,

For that we should follow these steps;

  • Click on the “Home” tab and in the “Paragraph” part select paragraph sign.

Now you can see the different sections in your document and also you can modify them if you need.

You can see our document have not divided into different section yet.


5- Click on the Layout tab.

6- Place your cursor in the place which you want to divide your document from that.

7- In the “Page setup” part, Click on the Breaks.

8- Choose “Continuous”.

9- Repeat these steps for other sections break too.

You can see we have two breaks on our page and our document divided into three sections.

section braek

10- After your document divided into other parts, in the right part, in the editing Restrictions, you can see “Select sections…” item, under the “Filling in Form” was added.

11- Click on the “Select sections…”.

12- Select the parts which you want to protect them and click Ok.

select section

13- Click on the “Yes Start Enforcing Protection” Key.

14- Enter your desired Password and Click Ok.


word add checkbox