How to Export Label Text from Excel to Word

Apr 6, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

Sometimes you have different Addresses in Excel and you want to print them on the labels, or you want to build a data bank for your clients in excel and from that data bank, you want to print addresses onto labels.

Here we want to learn this method.

How to Export Addresses from Excel to Word;

1- In this Excel file, we have 3 addresses for each client, according to your need, these addresses or columns can be increased or decreased.

We want to export these addresses to Word document and print them onto labels.

Here we want to teach this method.

address list excel

2- Go to the Word program and click on the Mailings tab.

open word

3- Click on Start Mail Merge and then click on Labels key.

mailings tab start mail merge

labels start mail merge

choose label vendor

4- Here in label information you can choose the name of the label and enter another characteristic of it and then click on ok.

It was explained How to buy labels and find labels properties in How to print labels from word page.

product number

label vendors ok

5- Click on “Select Recipients” key and then choose “Use Existing List” option.

Go and choose your excel file.

select recipients mailing tab

use an existing list

find your file

6- Click on “Edit Recipient List” and in the next window, you can remove the names which you don’t want to export to Word.

edit recipient list

mail merge recipients dialoge

7- Click on Insert Merge Field. choose all columns which you want to add to your Word file.

mailings insert merge field

insert merge field section

mailing tab

8- If you want to change the size, font, colour and …

you can select your text and go to the “Home” tab and in Font part, you can do your desired modifications.

select text label

home font tab

modified text

9- Click on “Update Labels” key.

update labels

10- you can see the result of your file by clicking on “Preview results”.

If your file is more than one page you can go to other pages by clicking on the key which is shown in the picture.

preview results

all imported labels p 1

11- Before printing your file, save it.

you can use this Word document file for printing other labels in future. save as menu

save as table

12- Click on “Finish & Merge” key and select “Print Documents…”

finish merge

print documents

13-Select All pages.

printer record

14- If you want to change or modify your addresses:

How to Change or Modify your Addresses;

  • Go to excel file.

excel file

  • Change or modify your file.

modified excel file

  • Save your excel file.

save modified file

  • Go to your Word document.

when you want to go your Word document. it warns you that the texts were changed.

Click on Ok.

open word document

  • You can see the labels were updated.

modified word

If you want to learn more about printing labels in Word go to How to Print labels from Word.

word print label