How to Insert a Footnote in Word

Apr 2, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

How to Choose a Footnote or Endnote for your Text.

1- Open your text.

word home tab

2- Go to the Reference tab and select the dialogue box launcher in the footnotes group.

refrence tab word

3- In the location part choose footnote and then choose the location of your footnote there.

footnote endnote dialoge

choose location footnote

4- Do other modification which you want for your footnote.

footnote layout

footnote number format

numbering format footnote

footnote apply change

How to Create a Footnote for Your Word Document.

1- Place the cursor at the location which you want to add a footnote.

2- Go to Reference tab and select Insert footnote.

insert footnote

3- Now you can add your desired text in the footnote.

write your desired footnote

4- Go to Home tab, In the Font part you can modify the size, colour and … of your footnote text.

font part home tab

5- You can place your cursor in other parts of your text which you want to create footnote for them.

add other footnote

6- You can select footnote and right-click on it and click on “Style” key.

style word

7- Choose “Footnote Text” and then select the Modify key.

style menu

8- Here you can change the style of the text, colour etc

change color footnote

change size footnote

9- Click on Format key and choose Paragraph option.

format modify style

format paragraph

10- If you want to start the First line sooner or later in indentation part you can specify your desire.

paragraph by indention

paragraph indention special

11- If you want to change the distance between lines, you can modify them here.

paragraph spacing

line spacing paragraph

paragraph dialoge

12- Click on the Ok key and apply your modifications in the next page.

modify style

editted footnote

word footnote