How to Delete Extra Page in Word 2019

Apr 8, 2020 ยท 1 minute read

For deleting extra page at first you should know it was created by “Page Break” or by pressing Enter or Space.

For that at first, click on “Ctrl+Shift+8” together or go to the Home tab and click on Paragraph mark.

After that, all paragraphs mark will be visible.

paraghraph mark

In this file, we have 2 blank pages.

layout tab


Page number 7 is blank because we have Page Break there.

For deleting it go to the end of Blank and press Delete key on your keyboard.

section break

deleted page

Another blank page has been produced by entering or Space command.

Go and select all the “Enter sign” in the page and then click on the Delete key.

you can see the blank page was deleted.

select paragraph tab

delete paragraph

word delete