How to Turn on Track Changes in Word

Apr 11, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

Sometimes you send your document to another person and ask him to say his comment about your text.

For that you can follow these steps;

1- Go to Review tab and click on Track changes; word document review tab track change

2- Here you can:

add remove change text

  • Add your texts;

you can place your cursor on the position which you want to add your text and write it. you can see your text has been added but the colour of your text has changed too.

  • Delete texts;

If you want to recommend, delete words or parts of the text,

You can select them and press the Delete key.

Depending on your settings, the appearance of that part will change.

  • Change text;

You can select the word and then write your desired word which you want to replace with that.

add remove change text 1

When you add each comment you can see the vertical line at the beginning of the line, it shows that the viewer added something in this line.

indicate line

  • Bold or highlight text.

  • Add table;

insert table

inserted table

  • Add Picture;

insert picture

choose picture

inserted picture

How to Hide Track Changes;

1- Go to show Mark up the tab.

2- By unchecking Comments you can hide comments

Also, you can hide “Insertion and Deletion” or “Formatting” by unchecking them.

show markup

How to change the position of Track change;

1- Go to Show markup

2- Click on Balloons;

Here you can change the position of Track changes;

  • By ticking the “Show Revisions in Balloons” all comments will be transferred to the right side in the balloon part.

balloons show revisions in balloons show all comments

  • “Show all revisions inline” will be deleted all comments in balloons.

show all revisions inline

  • “Show only comments and formatting in balloons” will be shown only comments in right side.

show only comments and formatting in balloons

How to Use Reviewing Pan;

In Reviewing pane you can see the summary of all changes that have been proposed.

In real-world maybe your text has 200 pages and the changes were located on different pages. For instance, one on page 3 and other on page 24, so because you could find them easily, you can use this method,

There are two different Panes, Vertical and Horizontal, by that, you can see the summary of all changes in the text.

For that Go to “Reviewing Pane” and select your desired command.

reviewing pane

vertical pane

horizantal pan

horizantal pan view