How to Remove Formatting in Word 2019

Apr 12, 2020 ยท 1 minute read

Imagine you copied a file from the website and pasted it to the Word document. Now you want to remove formatting from your file.

For that, we should follow these steps;

How to Remove Formatting from Text;

1- Select all the text, you can do it by pressing Ctrl+A.

word doc select your text

2- In the Font section you can click on the clear format key or clear formatting

in Style section click on dialoge box button under the style section. style dialoge box

3- Click on “Clear All” key. clear all styles

For deleting format from hyperlink and text in picture or header and footer you should follow these steps;

For removing format from hyperlinks you should select them and press “Ctrl+Shift+F9”. select links select link

How to Remove Formatting from Text in Picture;

1- Go and select the text in the picture.

text in box select text

2- In the Home tab go to the Font part.

click on “Clear All Formatting” key.

3- If you have hyperlinks in your text, you can select them and press “Ctrl+Shift+F9”.

clear format header

1- Double click on the header or footer to open that part.

text in header

2- Select it.

select header text

3- Click on “Clear All Formatting” in Font part.

clear format header

4- For deleting hyperlink, select it and press “Ctrl+Shift+F9”.

link format clear format header text

word delete format