How to Make a Degree Symbol in Word

Apr 14, 2020 ยท 1 minute read

For creating degree symbol you should do following steps;

How Create a Degree Symbol;

1- Write your desired number and then click on Insert tab. home tab

2- Click on Symbol key. symbol

3- Choose More Symbols… more symbols

4- Click on Symbols tab and in the Font Click on Normal text.


5- In subset tab choose “Superscript and Subscripts”. symbol subset word

6- Find degree symbol and click on Insert key.

degree insert degree

7- Click on close.

inserted degree

How to Create a Shortcut for Degree Symbol;

1- Click on Symbol key. symbol

2- Choose More Symbols… more symbols

3- Double Click on degree symbol to add degree symbol to currently used symbols list;

4-Click on Shortcut key. shortcut

5- You can see in command window you have degree symbol, because you double clicked on it before, now in Press new shortcut key add your desired shortcut, here “Alt+1” was choosen.

6- Click on Assign. press shortcut

7- Click on close. close

8- Now you can add degree symbol by pressing your desired shortcut in your document, in this document is “Alt+1”.

added degree

word symbol