How to Merge Word Documents

Apr 13, 2020 ยท 1 minute read

Here we are going to merge these word documents.

word documents

The first file have 3 pages.


The second one have 2 pages.


The last one have 2 pages.


How to Merge Word Documents;

1- Create a new file


new tab

blank doc

home tab doc

2- Click on Insert tab and click on object.

text from file

3- Select word documents which you want to merge them.

select file

How to Merge Files One by One;

1- Place your cursor in the position which you want to add another file from there.

merged file

insert other file

2- Click on Object key.

3- Select “Text From File”.

text from file 1

4- Choose your desired File, Here we are going to add document2 after document 3.

5- Click on Insert key.

choose doc

inserted file

word merge