How to recover unsaved word document 2019

Apr 16, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

There are different ways to recover unsaved document,

Here we are going to explain some of them.

How to Recover from Temporary Files;

Imagine we have this file in Word program and we forgot to save it and now we want to recover it.

close unsave word

1- Open new file.

open word doc create new file

2- Click on File tab.

file tab

3- Click on Info tab.

info home

4- Click on Manage Document.

manage doc

5- Click on Recover Unsaved Documents.

recover unsaved doc

6- Choose your file and click on Open.

open file

7- Now you can see your file recovered.

recovered file

How to Recover From AutoRecover;

Imagine you want to recover this file. recovered file

2- Click on File tab and click on Open. open file menu

3- In Recent part Click on “Recent Unsaved Documents”.

recover unsaved documents

4- Find your file and click on Open key.

select your file recovered file

How to Recover Accidently Deleted Word Document;

Imagine you deleted this file and you want to recover it.

delete file

1- Go to Recycle Bin and find your file.

2- Right-click on it and click on Restore.

restore recycle bin

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Word Document;

Imagine your file was deleted from Recycle Bin and you want to recover it.

recyclebin delete deleted file

There are different programs for recovering files, For some of them you should pay money for example “Coverit” Program,

Here I am going to introduce EaseUS program, you can use this program for recovering 2 GB of your files free after that you must pay money.

1- Go and search EaseUS in Google, Download and install it in your computer.

easeus download free run as admin instal installing

2- Open the program.

open program opening

3- Select the drive which your file deleted from that.

select local hard waiting

4- Choose Deleted File folder.

deleted file folder

5- Find your file.

find file

6- Right-click on it and select Recover.


7- Choose the position which you want to place your recovered file.

8- You can also change the name of your file and then save your file.

choose location recovered file folder

word recover