How to Insert a Watermark in Word

Apr 23, 2020 ยท 5 minute read

The water sign is a semi-transparent text or image that is used to beautify the appearance of the text. They are also used to identify the owner of the document.

Here we are going to explaine how to create watermark in Word 2019.

How to Put Draft Watermark in Word;

First Method

1- Select Design tab.

2- Choose Watermark.

3- Select Draft sample.

draft water

Second Method

1- Open your word document.

2- Write “Draft 1” and Press “F3” in your keyboard.

If you wat to add another draft in the other page you can change the number for instance in other page you can write “Draft 2” and then click on the “F3” key in your keyboard, the draft watermark will be added in your page.

draft f3

3- Click on the watermark, you can change the text in your watermark. modify

4- You can click on Format tab and modify the color, shape or other characteristic which you want to alter.

change format watermark draft watermarktxt

How to Insert Watermark in Word;

1- Click on Design tab.

word document

2- In “Page Background” section, click on “Watermark”. design watermark

3- You can choose some watermark which is ready in the gallery, If you like to change it, click on “Custom watermark…” and modify the text. you can also click on “Custom watermark…” and add your text with your desired characteristic.


4- Choose “Text watermark”.

  • you can choose your desired languge. languge

  • In the Text section, Write your desired text. write text

  • You can also change size, font and color of the watermark. font

  • If you want to change the color of the watermark darker you can untick the “Semitransparent” box.


5- Click on “Apply” to add the watermark to all the document pages.

6- Click on Ok.

printed watermark menu text watermark

How to Make a Picture a Watermark in Word;

1- Go to Design Tab and Click on Watermark.

2- Choose Custom watermark. watermark dialoge word

3- In the Printed Watermark part click on “Picture Watermark”.

picture watermard

4- Click on “Select Picture” and choose your desired picture.

pic watermark insert pic choose insert pic

5- If you want to have darker watermark untick “Washout” Box.

6- Click on Apply and close the dialoge box.

washout watermark close picwatermark

How to Modify Watermark Picture;

1- Click on Insert tab and in Header part click on on Header option or Double click on header part of the page. insert header

2- Click on Format tab and then in Adjust part You can change the brightness, contrast of the picture.

format brightness contrast

3- In Recolor part you can change the picture to black and white or You can convert the modified image to the original image.

You can also change the size or other characteristic of your image here. recolor

4- After your modification finished go to the designed tab and close it.

design close

How to Create a Picture Watermark only to the Selected Page in Word;

1- Open your document and select Design Tab. word doc

2- Add you desired picture as a watermark in your document. it was explained in How to Make a Picture a Watermark in Word .

insert watermark

3- Double Click on the Header part or go to the Insert tab and choose on Header For your document.

header insert

4- Select the watermark picture and then go to the Watermark part and click on “Save Section to the Watermark Gallery”. save watermark gallery

5- Here you can specify your desired name and in the Category part choose “Confidential”. new building block

6- You can see this picture was added in the gallery.

pic added

7- Do the same action again and add other desired picture in the gallery. add gallery

8- Put the cursor in your desired page. word doc 1

9- Go to the watermark part and Right-click on your desired picture.

10- Click on the “Insert at Current Document Position”. insert picture

11- Place the cursor to other picture.

12- Open watermark section, right-click on your desired picture and click on “Insert at Current Document Position”.

insert other pic inserted pic

How to Add Unlimited Picture in one Page;

1- Double click on the header.

2- Select watermark picture . select pic

3- Resize the picture, by dragging the edge of the picture. resize pic

4- Select the picture, Press “Ctrl+c” to copy the picture and press “Ctrl+V” to paste the picture.

Move the pasted picture to your desired position and continue this action to fill the row with that picture. copy pic

5- Select all the picture and right-click on picture and create Group. create group

6- Select the group and with copy and paste command cover all the page with your desired picture. copy group

How to Change the Color of the Pictures;

1- select all picture and go to the Format tab. color format

2- Go to the Format tab and click on Color.

Here you can choose your desired color for picture.

color transparent changed transparenty pic

3- Here you can write your desired text on your watermark. watermark pic

How to add Unlimited Words in Watermark;

1- Place your cursor in your desired page. new doc

2- In Design tab click on Watermark. new watermark

3- Write click on one of the text watermark in the gallery and choose “Insert at Current Document Position”.

insert to page

4- Select on the watermark and write your desired text there.

new watermark text modify text

5- Change the size of the window by dragging the edge of it and move it to your desired position. move text

6- Select on the text and press “Ctrl+c” to copy the text and press “Ctrl+V” to paste it.

7- Place the pasted text in your desired place and repeat this action to fill the page with your desired text.

copy text

8- Now, you have a page with your desired watermark. and you can write your text on it.

multitext watermark

word add watermark